Best Love Compatibility According to Your Zodiac Signs!

Best love compatibility according to your zodiac signs

Love comes from heart and love is divine. You know it when you have it, your life is constantly revolving around that one person.

Even when you’re past the honeymoon phase and the charm remains, that person is the one. Don’t let them go. Love requires a lot of hard-work and trust, trust your partners and have faith in them, this is the key to a successful relationship.

Understanding their situation and reacting to their needs is important, for this you should know each and everything about them. Starting from emotionally, mentally and physically, you should know all their likes and dislikes.


Aries are well known for their warrior kind of temperament. They are the fiery fighters out there. If you are dating an Aries and looking forward to settle down with them, it is important that you understand that they are impulsive and strong in nature.

They like certain things done their way or before you know it, you’ll be a stranger towards them. They like them to be acknowledged and to be heard, everyone likes to be heard but an Aries demands undivided attention.

Aries and most compatible with Leo, which are down to earth and steadfast with emotions. Emotional stability is very important for Aries.


The bulls can be as short tempered as they want to be. Taurus is a earth sign, hence their romanticism is quite practical and to the point. If you are with a Taurus, they don’t want to hear that life will be all rainbows and teddy bears.

They want the truth and a honest answer. Taurus always find themselves to be reassured about their personality. If she asks you how she is looking, don’t answer lightly, tell her how much lovely they are.

Taurus are short tempered so it is okay for you to let your guard down in a fight. They’ll take their time when they’re upset, they might even create distance, but they won’t ever stop loving you. The most compatible signs for Taurus is Virgo and Taurus themselves.


Gemini can be very arrogant about petty things. Thing which don’t even matter. They can be down to earth when it comes to romance but they have standards while being in a relationship with someone.

Like Taurus they also need to be reassured about the status of the relationship. They are to be dealt with care and ease. Gemini are easy lovers and most compatible with Pisces.

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If you’re dating a Cancer woman, she is the most sensitive creature on this planet. Even the slightest meanest thing can tick them off. Never tick a Cancer off. They are gentle and down to earth.

They like be nurtured and adored like a toddler. They require constant attention and love. Cancer are most compatible with steady signs like Capricorn, who like to work hard for their loved ones. Cancer appreciates honesty and are loyal more than any other sign.


Leo can be fierce and gentle at the same time. Once you’ve entered the heart of a Leo, there is no coming out. Leo will love you no matter what the situation or how thin the ice might be.

Apparently, this doesn’t mean you can be on their bad side, once exposed to their bad side, they will crush you like Hulk and disappear forever.

Though they won’t forget your love, they will move on. They like to be nurtured and well treated in bed. Leo are legit monsters when it comes to their sexual life. Leo are best fit with Taurus and Aquarius brings out the best of them.


The most helpful, creative and loving sign. If you’re in love with a Virgo, don’t do anything to mess it up. Their heart is like ice, melts each time they hit a emotional barrier.

They like to be well aware about the situation and advise their lovers to take things slow and steady. They hide their fears and emotions when they think that they might get into an unwanted argument.

Virgos are best compatible with Taurus and their sexual compatibility is off the charts.


Libra are deeply moved and concerned by Gemini. Gemini’s bossy nature makes them steady and loyal. They are easy lovers but once wronged, they won’t even take 12 hours to move on.

They are to be treated nicely. They don’t like distance and like to be close to their partners 24/7. All a Libra wants a bed and a nice partner to sleep in. They are sex animals and just want to be assured physically that they are the best. Gemini’s rough loving brings out the best of them.

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A very strong sign, getting into their heart is as difficult as watching the GOT Finale again. They are fierce and strong lovers. They always dominate in a relationship.

They don’t want you to sugarcoat anything for them. All they want is the truth. They don’t like to live in fairy-tales, they just want a realistic, simple relationship. Only a fierce Taurus can burn down their sensual fantasies and satisfy them.


Tough lovers but as naive as a dog. All they want from their lovers is a nice romantic getaway when they are feeling sad. They don’t ask for much attention, they understand their lovers needs.

Both Gemini and Sagittarius believe in exploring the world and getting drunk at the edge of the world, once they got it, nothing can compare to this experience.


The most hard working sign when it comes to relationships. They like to explore the world and make big romantic gestures. When in love, everyone around them will know about it.

They will scream at the top of their lungs to tell you how much you mean to them. Once inside a Capricorns heart, just trust them and appreciate every gesture they make to make you feel loved. Capricorns are most compatible with Cancer.


They are possessive as hell, they don’t like to share their lovers with anyone. If you’re in love with them, try diverting all your attention towards them.

They ask for much assurance and love. It’s like a plant, the more you water it, the more it grows. They are most sensual and compatible with a Leo, resulting in a dynamic duo which everyone will be jealous from.


The most kind hearted sign of them all. All they want is pure love. They want flowers sent to their workplace. They love romantic getaways and candle light dinners. Only hard working lovers like Capricorn can come to their aid in such scenarios.  

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