7 Best Toys For Dads Which Kids Want to Play With!

Best toys for dads

We usually think that dads are not quite close with their kids, however, we try to find ways to help you with growing along with your child. Let’s not assume that we are not friendly or loving toward our children.

We just have to wear a cloak of a strong personality all the time, so that we can be someone our kids can call their Superman.

However, we are the ones who are the biggest comic fans and ones who are more fun. Well mum might always be around but does she know all powers of Optimus Prime and the number of Spiderman there are?

I bet no she doesn’t! Hence proven that dads are the best parents present, though they both love us the same amount, more or less.

Today I will be listing down toys for dads which your children are going to love and adore. And trust me these suggestions will not only be for boys since children aren’t sexists.

Kids just want some love and attention. It’s just like at the beginning of every relationship, it requires time and attention, kids are the same. They are just little, more annoying and cuter!

1. Superman: The Man Of Steel

Who doesn’t love the strongest character ever to be written (after Goku, of course)? I guess everyone despises Superman and his humble personality.

It is not easy to be a human when you’re legit a God. Superheroes give your kids a sense of heroism and responsibility.

Their stories enlighten goodness in hearts and encourage them to be a better person. To be like them is what we try everyday, hence resulting in us trying to be a better person. You can always buy the lego collection and play with your kids!

2. Avengers Kit

Avengers is the biggest celebrated universe of this decade and to be honest, every kid nowadays follows Avengers. I advise parents to try to read more about these fictional characters (who are awesome) and try to bond with their kids over talks.

You can always argue about who is the strongest of them and teach them to take lessons from Avengers. Then you guys can plan an attack by the Mad Titan Thanos and think of possible solutions to save Iron Man from snapping himself out of existence!

3. Iron Man’s helmet & Thor’s Hammer (Mjolnir or Stormbreaker)

Isn’t roleplay the best when it comes to making your evening creative and entertaining? Choose who loves which character most and try to fight (in the most civil manner).

This could be the best toy for dad and can teach your kid to face upcoming challenges since Iron Man and Thor both have a lot to teach. Your kid can enjoy technology in the most beautiful way ever, and it might even encourage him to opt for science so that he can be Iron Man.

Thor teaches you more than life, how to be generous, how to be humble when you’re a God and how to be worthy.

In this way, your child can grow with something they love, learning and using it in real life!

4. Comic books

I don’t understand why parents emphasize so much on ready novels and newspapers. If your kid is not interested in novels or news, you just can’t force them to do something they won’t do with their entire heart. Rather than boring them with news and politics, it is best to read comic books out loud with them.

Give them your opinion and let them make their choices. Let them expand their creativity. Life doesn’t have to be subtle. Life can be more than we can apprehend.

Life can be more than one universe and yes this will give a boost to your energy and also your child’s creativity!

5. Remote control cars!

Remote control cars are the best toys for dads and moms. When I was a kid, I used to love playing with remote controlled cars. I used to buy a pair and make my mom play with me (only when I did not have a friend around). Similarly dads can also bond with their kids over sparring matches.

Take out your cars, go to the backyard and race. See who wins and who loses. And when your child loses, make sure he knows what it feels like to lose and what lessons he should learn from losing.

Obviously, there will be a time, when you have to act like a bigger person and let them win and teach them how good it feels to win once you’ve lost. So that they can learn to work harder in order to survive in this cruel world.

6. Video Games

Video games are quite common and many of you must’ve guessed this one. Yes video games are on our list as well. Video games are enjoyable and fun.

As it gives us a variety of games and scenarios where your child tends to think harder than he usually does. Encouraging him to make critical decisions.

Obviously, if you want to bond with your child over hot chocolate, plug in Taken and enjoy your leisure time with him/her. This will build a better understanding in between and your child will think you’re cool.

The point is not to be mundane with your child and to be playful with them. Love is the best medicine there is and you can do more than talking if you believe in each other!

7. Water Guns

Physical games are always fun and yes we aren’t talking about soccer or baseball. Those are essential but there is more to a father-child relationship than just playing throw-catch with your child.

You can always make it more fun and enjoyable. Water guns are the most favorite toy for dads. Introducing water guns and playing around the house is going to make them realize that they have the best dad in the world.

The more fun you introduce in your relationship, the better your bond is. You just need to learn how to make your child laugh as wild as he can.

Being the best dad means to be there for them when no one else will be, and you sometimes you have to sacrifice more than you can imagine for the sake of your children!

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