Your Body Knows When Death Is Near, And It All Begins In The Nose: Study Reveals

The most difficult thing to understand in this entire world is the human body. It is composed of trillions of cells that further form tissues, organs, and various other systems. The entire human body is complicated to understand fully. Since the beginning of time, scientists have been studying it and every day they discover something new. People are often curious about life after death and they often wonder what exactly happens when someone dies or can you smell death before a person dies.

You might have come across someone who already knew that they are going to die soon. They use this time to say farewell and do the things they want to do. Other people don’t believe it unless they die. To many people, this seems like a mere coincidence and nothing else. However, the latest scientific research study proved that a person can sense a smell before death.

The Peculiar Phenomena

According to a survey report of doctors, many patients have made such comments that they are about to die. It seems, patients know that they are dying even before doctors do. Their indicators might even improve and the doctor might think that there is still a change, but the patients already feel that the death is near.

People who have a sixth sense, often say goodbye to their loved ones before they pass away. It is a strange thing that they kind of feel when it is time to go.

These people make good use of the time that is left and fulfill their wishes like making up or fixing their relationship with someone or saying goodbye to their dear ones.

It is also possible that people around that person also feel that they are going soon to leave this place. This is a bit scary, but at the same time, it is good, because then you have a chance to say goodbye to your loved ones.

This phenomenon of smelling death before someone dies is often denied by many but those who have experienced it themselves can understand it fully.

Olfactory System Role in Detecting the Arrival of Death

A study was conducted at the University of Kent’s School of Psychology, which researched the possibility that people detect their death through scent. 

The olfactory system detects that the death is near. Experiments have proved that olfactory systems are vital for the survival of mammals. It knows if any danger is near. Similarly, humans can sense emotions via their noses.

Arnaud Wisman, who was the head of this study, analyzed the body during the dying process. He stated that the body starts to decompose or break down before dying. This breaking down releases various scents.

One scent is putrescine, which is the result of the decomposing process.

The subconscious part of the mind recognizes this smell and establishes that the end is near. Our subconscious mind plays an important role. Psychologists are not able to understand this level of mind entirely. However, it has great control over how an individual behaves or perceives the world.

Connection Between Emotions and Scent

Dr. Arnaud Wisman experimented to determine human behavior using putrescine on one group and ammonia and water on another group, The participants were exposed to different smells and then their reaction was observed. The result showed that participants that were exposed to putrescine reacted more quickly and cautiously. They elicited defensive behavior than the ones who smelled ammoniaYou must take some time out of your busy life, visit them and listen to what they want to say. Science has now proven this fact that people can indeed detect if they are going to leave this world. Therefore, believe the facts and don’t be doubtful, and water.

No participant was able to tell what exactly the scent was. But they were able to recognize it. That’s because our conscious mind does not see the connection, but the subconscious mind does.

The study, which conducted at the University of Kent’s School of Psychology, is part of a much larger question that many scientists are dealing with.

There have been studies that show a connection between emotions and scent.

Losing Sense of Smell

Another interesting research by Jayant Pinto of the University of Chicago illustrated that the sense of smell can predict death within five years. This suggests that your nose is the first indicator if you are approaching death. The loss of smell serves as an indicator of the state of the body. The olfactory nerve has smell receptors which are regenerated by stem cells.

As someone ages, the reproduction of new cells decreases. This gradually leads to differentiate or identify a certain smell. Hence, the loss of smell dictates that the body is no longer able to repair itself. This nerve of the nervous system is exposed to the air which allows the pathogens a direct way into the brain. Consequently,  losing the sense of smell is a sign that sooner or later something will cause death. Hence it is fair to say that your body knows when death is near.


All in all, if someone you know is in hospital and wishes to see you, you must visit them immediately. Maybe their body knows when death is near and they just want to say one last goodbye to you. If you miss this opportunity, you are going to regret it for the rest of your life.

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