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To All The Brave Kids Who Broke Up with Their Toxic Dads; Never Think You Are Damaged

This is for all those who have broken up with your toxic fathers.

No matter how bad you feel right now, you are going to be fine. Regardless of the fact that your dad kept putting you down, making you feel unimportant or insignificant, breaking away from him can be difficult. This may be the hardest heartbreak you are going to deal with, but after a while, you are going to be okay.

Your father is a creator because he made you but this duty does not end there. He is the person who should have shown you true love and care. He should have influenced you to show kindness and compassion towards other people. It is a father’s job to make sure that you will remain strong even when things get tough. His job is to be one of the last people in the world who will intentionally hurt you.

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The goal of a father is to make sure that you will be unafraid about the uncertainties of life. He is someone who will make sure that your life is filled with passion and excitement.

Breaking away from your father does not mean that you have given up on him. You will go on loving him, but this time, you have accepted the fact that he is never going to change. You have become broken because of all your efforts to mend him.

It did not work, and it even hurt you. 

You are your father’s child, but his failures are not your fault. His irresponsibility is not your fault.

You should know that as a father, he should have done his best to make you proud of him. He should have done his best to be there for you every step of the way even when the whole world had turned its back on you. It is his duty to get to know you and to understand what makes you happy and sad.

Your father may have created you, but he should have no power to destroy you, your hopes and your dreams.

The toxic relationship that you have with your dad may be haunting. 

You feel it every time you try to get closer to other people. You do not want them to see how vulnerable and scared you can be. You love someone, but you do not want to show it as much, in fear that they will realize that you love them and you will get hurt.

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You have a big heart that is full of bravery knowing you broke away from your toxic father. You have done this for yourself because you know that you deserve something much more than that. You deserve to be treated the best way possible.

By letting go of your toxic father, you are allowing yourself to start breaking down that wall that you have set in your heart. You are allowing yourself to love others and be loved in return. Without having to worry about a toxic relationship, you can learn to become more fearless. You can embrace your life more and just be yourself.

It is okay to love your father as long as you love him from a distance.

Do not be frustrated because after all, he is still your dad.

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