You Can Never Hold Your Baby Too Much, Scientific Study Proves

A new study proved all those who think parents hold their babies too much, wrong.

Everyone knows this one person who thinks it is not the best thing to do and it spoils a baby. Though, according to a scientific study, no amount of cuddling is enough and the benefits of cuddling your baby are immense.

The Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio conducted a research where they observed 125 premature and full-term infants to understand how they respond to touch and their finding will clarify your consistent worries, that you may be holding you baby too much.

The research concluded that the response time for premature babies was lesser than the response time of the full-term babies.

This type of parenting is considered as the Kangaroo Care, similar to how Kangaroos stay in the mother’s pocket, until they are old enough to move on on their own.

Image Courtesy: Pexels

Benefits of Kangaroo Care

Healthier Heart Rates: Those babies that have respiratory problems were relieved within 48 hours without respirators. A study also found them to have a more regular heart rate.

Improved Immunity: “Premature [babies] seem to have poor immune systems—[they’re] susceptible to allergies, infections, feeding problems. Early skin-to-skin contact dramatically reduces these problems,” – Dr. Nils Bergman, Senior Medical Superintendent of Mowbray Maternity Hospital in Cape Town, Africa

Increased Weight Gain: A study confirmed that babies who were held more often by parents were healthier and this often lead to shorter hospital stays after birth.

Regulated Body Temperatures: “Mothers are able to control the infant’s temperature better than an incubator,” Bergman says. “Core temperature can rise by two degrees centigrade if baby is cold and fall 1 degree if baby is hot.”

So, if you love holding your baby or think that you are doing a little too much, you’re mistaken. There is no way anyone can be holding their baby too much. Now, you may be a father or a mother but this implies to both. A touch of a parent is beneficial.

Go ahead cuddle with your beautiful baby.

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