Stress in Women Can Cause Miscarriage

can stress cause miscarriage

After pregnancy many women were diagnosed with anxiety and depression, women with stress were more likely to have miscarriage. Although scientifically we couldn’t find any reason to draw a correlation between the both, however, women with high stress level had miscarriage as compared to women with no stress at all.

After years and years of research, it has been proven that stress can cause miscarriages and other side effects on your body. 

In a recent research by Tuft University of Greece, chain reactions were found which were directly affecting the fetus by producing chemicals which weren’t found to be healthy. We all know what dopamine and serotonin are, and they should be completely balance in order for a person to stay stress free.

However, a person who is a victim of stress, has more serotonin than dopamine, which results in him or her being sad all the time. 

Researchers have stated that our brain releases several hormones in stress, including corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH). Women who gave birth to premature babies or underweight babies were diagnosed with CRH in their blood. This hormone is also released in the uterus when a woman goes through physical or emotional stress, any kind of trauma can trigger CRH to be produced in the body. 

If you’re going through some trouble, stress or any kind of depression, consult your doctor as soon as possible. Giving birth to a healthy baby is important for a mother, and to give birth to a healthy baby, the mother needs to be healthy as well.

To be very clear, both mental and physical health matter in such scenarios. 

Symptoms of Miscarriage

Being aware about the symptoms is better than leaving everything to your doctor. The unusual stuff happening with your body might not be conveyed to your doctor properly, unless you explain it to them.

Many women were not reported of any symptoms before miscarriage, however, there are many symptoms which you should know in order to cope with your problems. Miscarriage can be stopped and helped if known at the right time, or I must say before it is too late. 

  1. 7 out of 10 miscarriage victims were reported to have passed clots or tissue kind of material before miscarriage. 
  2. Mild to severe cramps are not normal, if the cramps are getting unbearable, consult your doctor right away. 
  3. Loss in weight and improper diet can also be a symptom of miscarriage. 
  4. If your back pain is more than usual and your abdominal hurts, something is seriously wrong.
  5. Many women were also reported to have spotting on their skin and white-pink mucus. 

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What causes miscarriage?

Your doctor might have told you the normal drill but some people might take many things quite lightly. Miscarriage can be caused because of several things. If you’re not having the proper diet, that means you’re not taking enough nutrition for you and the baby.

Keeping a proper diet and sticking to your doctor’s plan is essential. Avoid what your doctor asked you to avoid. Don’t follow mystical customs practiced by your family. 

Some might be of use, some might be of harm to you. Smoking and drinking are prohibited however, many women are exposed to secondhand smoking which can cause premature birth and miscarriage.

Overdoing exercise and inappropriate sexual activity can also cause miscarriage. Another reason which causes miscarriage is stress and depression. Stress can happen to anyone, you just need to learn ways to cope with stress. 

How is stress a factor in miscarriage?

As we discussed earlier how stress can make chemicals like CRH to be released which directly harms the uterus and fetus. Such reactions can happen at any point of the body. However, strictly speaking about pregnancy, such reactions can happen and cause miscarriages.

Directly harm towards the baby and also the mother’s health. Stress causes lack of concentration and drains one out of energy. Which results in lack of diet and energy to carry the baby around.

Pregnancy requires a strong will power and a stable attitude for straight nine months. People say the hard part is yet to come but this period is as hard as the latter.

How to prevent miscarriage?

Preventing miscarriage is not that difficult. Miscarriage is a humanly thing and can happen to anyone, if you have gone through the misery of miscarriage, it is not the end of the world. It might be something very traumatic for anyone but life is life, life is not fair. 

Follow what your doctor has asked you to do. Keep a stable diet, and follow your diet plan. Keeping a healthy body means you’re doing your best to keep your brain healthy.

Stress happens because lack of energy to do something out of your grasp. Keep your brain active and your body active as well. Keep a watch on your activities.

If your partner or anyone smokes near you, ask them to smoke somewhere you won’t be able to inhale the smoke. Avoid too much exercise and inappropriate sexual activity. Try to keep your life on the low and high at the same time for nine straight months. 

How to avoid stress during miscarriage?

Avoid things which are not healthy or positive towards you. There are many people who can become toxic in your life with time, try to avoid them. Try to keep your cool when someone is being annoying to you. Create your own personal space which comforts you whenever you need to rest.

Try to rest as much as possible. Taking timely naps and a routine sleep is very important to keep your brain healthy. Ask your partner for comfort and try to be nice to them to get niceness in return.

Refrain from activities that might tick you off, for example, if watching dishes or cleaning the room stresses you out, leave it for a while.

Stay in your comfort zone. These are very important months of your life, it is important for you to maintain your cool and keep your temperament as low as possible.

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