Addiction and drug abuse has now become one of the fastest growing problems in the United States. Mothers are found losing their children, sisters losing their brothers and fathers losing their daughters to heroin addiction, prescription drug abuse, alcoholism and tobacco addiction. Our category of Addiction on Peace Quarters cater to parents who have suffered this loss, people recovering from drug abuse and ways of how to cope with the loss of an addict child.

Our studies online have shown that mostly parents begin to blame themselves for such a loss. This makes parents of an addict child to suffer from depression, anxiety and self-blame for the rest of their lives. Some of the topics we have lately covered are stories about addiction, for example, ‘6 Ways to Detox from Alcohol at Home’ and ‘5 Things I’ve Learned in Rehab and Came Out a Stronger Person’.

Addiction has over the years ruined many lives, dreams, goals and destroyed passion. Substance abuse has put parents in situations of being miles away on phone as their children lose life. Our mission in the addiction category is to help (mothers specially) to understand how to gain strength in accepting that their sons and daughters are addicts and how can they open up about their addiction to others. We also feature individuals who are playing a major part in promoting and helping parents and individuals in fighting addiction.

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