Friendships are important in life. We share our deepest secrets with the friends we trust, the friends we care for and friends who mean the world to us. It is important to fight isolation, get out in the world and make new friends. Friends do not only have to be best friends forever; you can have friends you meet often. Staying in touch with your friends allows you the security in life to know that you are not alone. Sometimes when you need to get over the stress, having a night out with your friends helps you divert your mind and restart fresh.

Importance of friendship and how to value true friendship & healthy friendship articles and much more are covered under this category. Here we also teach you how to be more proactive and expand your professional network. You can always have friends at work and friends outside!

However, we also understand how sometimes you are get into fights with your closest friends and do not know what to do about them. Those are the critical times where you need to learn and have your questions like:

  • My friend is not talking to me, what do I do to make up?
  • My best friend was cheating on their girlfriend, should I talk to him about it?
  • My friends don’t call me that often anymore, how can I find out more about it?

Such disputes are new and in these times of dispute you need healthy advice. This is when you come to Peace Quarters’ category of friendships which guides you towards healthier friendships.

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