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Causes Which Raise Depression In Millennials!

causes of depression In Millennials

Depression is a word which has been overused and misunderstood widely in the past few years. Depression can happen to anyone at any place, any time, regardless of what follows and what went away. Depression is the name of a state in which a human feels utter overwhelming sadness, which leads to further disorders which we will talk about later. Before we dig deep into depression and its causes in millennial generation, it is essential for us to understand that everything happens for a reason.

Root causes of depression in millenials include many things such as heart break, family issues and many more. Depression is nothing to fear, nothing in this world can be left to hurt you forever.

Depression is common and curable. We all need to understand and let people be on their own rather than being rude and ignorant towards them. If it can happen to them, it can happen to us at any point of our lives. To know the symptoms of depression, you can read this article.

Before you take this article into account, I would ask you to consider your doctor about your problems and let them know how you have been feeling lately.

Young Love

Young love can be troublesome to many people. Let it be a girl or boy, it can happen to anyone regardless of gender. However, such love has been noted to inspire depression into young girls mostly. 21-25 is the age where you meet many people who are there in your life for a short period.

Not everyone stays forever and it is important to understand that everyone has their own preferences. Young love usually ends for the following reason; they find someone better than you (for themselves, you’re the best), they prioritize their work and social life over you, you guys don’t have the compatibility to take it to the next level and so on.

Lack of Money

Lack of money doesn’t mean that you’ve gone broke or something, it simply means that you desire more than what you can afford simply. I remember being 21 and wishing for an Audi, which seemed to be impossible. I always found myself with shortage of cash while hanging out with friends.

This is a really bad shoot on your nervous system. Pulls down your confidence and socializing abilities. Many people take such insults and weird moments to hard and ponder over them more than they should, resulting in an overwhelming sadness.

Family History of Mental Diseases

This is something we usually don’t talk about. According to research, people who had a family history of mental disorders were more likely to have anxiety or depression rather than people who didn’t. It is not your fault, everything which is genetic is not your fault and you can make your own life better by asking for help from someone equipped in this area of expertise.

Why are Millennials Lonely

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure can make you do things which you promised you will never do. I remember my good friend Fred, who swore his entire life that he wouldn’t smoke ever, guess what? Two weeks spent in a dorm room and the guy is a chain smoker.

Peer pressure makes you try to fit into people which are not made for you. Not everyone is a party freak or from a rich background. Not everyone is good looking (in their own description though) and not everyone is good with socializing and dealing with relationships. We just have to accept who we are and let things go the way they are supposed to.

Drugs and intoxicants

This is something that messes up kids way more than anything else. Using drugs and other intoxicants, or overuse of alcohol can result in lower or less release of serotonin and dopamine. These chemicals are responsible for happiness caused in brain which drugs temper.

Other than that, once addicted to a drug, it is impossible to snap out of it. It stops you from having proper concentration on studies and work, resulting in stress and anxiety.

Getting No Results From Work or Studies

Being unable to perform at work or studies can also result in depression and stress. Stress is one of the root causes of depression. This is why people ask youngsters to avoid stress and try to get their work done in time. Usually people try to procrastinate their work and try to do it at the eleventh hour, which never works out.

If you think doing your work at the last moment will work out for you, you’re probably wrong. Nothing pans out when it is done with a rush. You have to calm yourself while concentrating on work. You have to manage everything at the right time. Work when you have to work, rather than being worried about your studies and learn with a clear mind.

Lack of Sleep and Diet

One of the most common reasons which cause depression in millennials is lack of sleep and poor diet. I know it is hard for you to manage work, studies and social life at the same time. Which results in you skipping proper diet and less time to sleep.

It is essential for your body to have at least 7-8 hours of sleep everyday. If you are depriving your body of sleep, you’re basically inviting depression to your home. One thing that we all do is we skip meals when we are busy, which is something very hazardous. Life all functions of our body, our mind also needs food to function properly.

Abusive relationships and society 

Toxic and abusive people are just the worst when it comes to mental health. They know how to break a person down to their very core. They don’t know what their words might do to a sensitive person. Many people, like me, are sensitive to many things.

For example, I get paranoid if someone disrespects me on the basis of my looks and my work. Judgmental people annoy me and many others like me. It is best to ignore and just do whatever you want to do, concentrate on your own happiness than what others think about you.

For the people who like to bully others, IT IS NOT OKAY AND YOU ARE NOT FUNNY. 

You Might Need Help If You Go Through These Symptoms

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