Coronavirus, a Deadly Disease: It’s Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

coronavirus disease

Our world has had its equal share of deadly viruses without cure; whether be Black Plague, Dengue or Marburg virus. These viruses have been known to kill thousands of people and there wasn’t much we could do about it.

The governments all around the world have shut down trade with affected countries and many countries have shut down.

China has locked down Wuhan, Italy closes at 6 every day and Iran has locked down the most affected provinces.

Why is the entire world so afraid of Coronavirus? Probably because there is no cure to be found. The viruses which have no cure are considered as plagues which will statistically be the demise of the entire world.

A medical examiner and a statistician stated that if our governments and agencies fail to find a cure for Coronavirus by the end of 2020, 95% of the world is going to be affected by it.

Moreover, Coronavirus is only known to kill weak hosts, people who are already on the verge of dying or babies who are already affected by other deadly diseases.

A doctor in China reported that he was paying more attention to young people rather than the old since curing them is more important.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

People suffering from asthma, heart diseases or diabetes might be exposed to the virus in a different way.

However, people not having such diseases will experience a sore throat, a runny nose, and fever. Now, these are the few symptoms that you cannot skip.

Nonetheless, the people suffering from above said diseases will have these conditions multiplied making it quite difficult to survive the virus.

The virus looks for weak host bodies, and once it has found them, there is no going back.

List of Symptoms:

  1. High fever.
  2. Coughing.
  3. Runny nose.
  4. Pain in body parts.
  5. Constant headaches.
  6. Difficulty in breathing – blockade in breathing.
  7. Difficulty in recalling situations.
  8. Restlessness.

How to treat Coronavirus

It has no cure!

As stated above, the virus still has no cure. We are only aware of ways to control the disease or take precautions to not catch the disease.

We already know that the disease is highly contagious and is not to be taken lightly.

However, our scientists and pharmacists have been working day and night to find the cure.

According to a journalist, we are quite close to finding a cure for coronavirus and we are almost there.

We hope that the governments and the agencies are successful in finding a cure as soon as possible for the sake of mankind.

Measure being taken by the authorities

Many governments, including the United States, have been working day and night for their people. Many countries have locked down their public centers, schools, colleges and workplaces. Is this the right way to prevent air-borne disease?

People would argue that it isn’t the right way, some might say it is beyond stupidity, since a man is a social animal.

We can’t stay isolated in such conditions. Coronavirus has caused enough unrest among the people of the world.

China has completely locked down, Iran with the second number of patients reported is also locked down, including Italy.

Germany is also expected to close terms with the world. Italy has several deaths and cases from coronavirus.

Precautions to be taken

It is important that we don’t take such a disease lightly, but we concentrate on how we protect ourselves from it.

  1. Wash your hands every hour and keep them sanitized.
  2. Avoid social interactions.
  3. Sleep for not less than 8 hours.
  4. Keep your body oxidized.
  5. Don’t do anything out of your routine.
  6. Don’t visit public places.
  7. Wear gloves and mask while going out.
  8. Don’t touch your face with bear hands.
  9. Avoid using the elevator, since the disease is air-borne and highly contagious.
  10. Eat healthy and avoid eating outside.

Causes of Coronavirus

Being one of the deadliest diseases till date, Coronavirus still keeps it secret. Conspiracy theories say that China created the disease to use against America, while some say America launched it on China.

Origin of Coronavirus

We are not going to debate on who created it or where it actually came from. The origin of Coronavirus being Wuhan (a city in China), has also been able to explain many irregularities of Coronavirus.

The Chinese inventor of the virus is still yet to be found. However, many countries have banned import and export from China.

We still hope that the cure, which is said to be available for all by the mid of 2020 i.e. June, will fix the current conditions.

We already know that the virus is highly contagious and the mortality rate is 0.2%. However, the deadly disease can be caused by a simple handshake or a railing you held while taking the stairs.

The virus interacts with the hosts!

According to medical studies, we now know that the virus interacts with the body before being transmitted.

Once transmitted, it takes the virus 10-14 days to show its true colors. The virus is air-borne so it can be transmitted via any medium.

However, it has its limitations, the virus cannot remain alive on a metal bar or an elevator button for more than 4 hours.

Similarly, the air-borne disease cannot be transmitted if you’re a meter away from the affected person.


To conclude, I would say that every person should keep the above said precautionary measure in mind.

The list would really help you, given you strictly follow it. We have to stay put unless the authorities discover a cure.

Coronavirus is not something to be taken lightly, it can even kill you. I suggest people to not make jokes about it and try to do the right thing, no matter what happens.

Stay calm, stay where you are and I assure you, like every evil it shall pass as well!

Nothing is more important than human life, and let’s hope the truth prevails and the evil sleeps forever!

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