Is Coronavirus a Man-Made Disease?

is coronavirus a man-made disease?

Since the rise of coronavirus, it is being spread among millions of people in and outside China. It is said to be started in an animal wet at Wuhan’s animal market in December.

Millions of doctors are struggling all over the world to assist the patients in their recovery, moving to different countries to find the cure. Out of 195 countries, almost 192 states have been affected by this pandemic.


These countries have put all of their resources to prevent the spread of this virus. Famous streets, museums, concerts, cinemas, and several renowned sports and tech events have been postponed amid fear of this virus.

Even the World Health Organization, the most significant health organization affiliated by the United Nations, has called this the biggest pandemic and declared that at least one month is required for the things to turn back to normal.


Since the starting of this virus, many scientists and researchers have been trying to grapple the origin of this novel coronavirus by analyzing the genomic data being available from China.

Many new types of research have been made and still being carried out worldwide about the cause and origin of this virus.

It is said by almost every researcher that the COVID-19, which is the successor of SARS-COV-1 known as the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-related Coronavirus, which was spread in 2016 taken place in the Gulfs.

It was mentioned earlier that this virus is the result of a natural process rather than an accident produced in a laboratory.

Several latest studies of many scientists have detailed knowledge of the molecular components of this novel coronavirus and about the natural production of this virus.

Initial studies have suggested that the coronavirus has a close connection with the seafood market in Wuhan, China.

However, after pondering and researching over it, scientists have concluded that there is a high chance of spreading this virus among humans from the illegal trading of mammals throughout China, known as Pangolins.

Several scientists and researchers have carried out a comparison of the foundation of this virus with other viruses being spread among the people by bats and pangolins.

After assessing the results from the genetic sequencing of the data created by Chinese scientists, they found that this virus binds the human and animal cell membranes where they are being infected. Read the causes, symptoms and treatment of COVID-19

COVID-19’s natural aspects

Many scientists all over the world are carrying out several new pieces of research almost every day. One of the latest findings has looked that almost every coronavirus affected patient had two significant components of spike proteins known as a receptor-binding.

The domain of these receptors usually fastens the healthy cells of the hosts and its sites of cleavage, allowing to numb the cells of the hosts by opening up the viruses.

Another protein spike found to bind the human cells needs a receptor called the angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE-2).

It was also found that the domain of the receptor-binding of the protein has changed the target of the receptor efficiently, stating that it could be the result of a natural process.


It is almost impossible for genetic engineering to manage such complicated protein affected certain parts of cells confirming the biological aspect.

If scientists had somehow found the manufacturing structure of this virus in the laboratory, it would have been originated by other infections of the same family.

However, according to the recent finding, the origin is the bats and pangolins ruling out the laboratory manipulation.

The leading epidemic Ph.D. expert at Wellcome Trust at the UK based research laboratory Josie Golding have commented on the significance of the latest study of the virus.

She stated that it is vital to put forward a view based on evidence that has been focusing on the background of SARS-COVID-2.

After carrying out much research, scientists all over the UK can confirm that this is the product of natural evolution, terminating every rumor about being genetic engineering.

Possible origin scenarios

After confirming the natural origination of this virus, the researchers have elaborated that there will possibly be two scenarios of how the COVID-19 has been originated in China.

According to a significant part of scientists, the first scenario that could have happened is this virus is initially targetting the animals, being transferred to humans later.

There is a high chance that bats are the carrier of SARS-COV-2, and it was transmitted to humans after they have consumed it in a certain amount.

Scientists explained another scenario that the virus jumped directly from animals into a human without affecting the animals.

Supporting the theory that this has spread through pangolins having spike proteins the same RBD structure as the COVID touched the patient.

This virus has impacted every country from developed, developing and underdeveloped states. The governments are putting in all their efforts and resources to extract their country out of the virus.

We are hopeful that the scientists and researchers will find a cure to this pandemic soon!

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