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Cosmic Marriage: Your Life Partner Is Already Decided

Your soulmate has already been chosen for you, and you don’t even know it yet.

Here is something even wackier for you: your soul already knows; your gut instinct already knows.

The cosmos already know. Pretty much the entire universe, and then some knows. It will feel as though you have been with this person for hundreds of years.

You will always return to one another, for the magnetic pull that exists between the two of you is unstoppable. You already have a commitment that you have not even stepped foot into yet.

Sound a little hard to believe? Well, it’s not.

Here is a sound piece of advice for you: never underestimate your gut feeling. Your gut is wise—it is truth-telling. You may ignore that instinct because you question whether it’s logical. Where is the physical proof? Your stomach is a lot stronger than you think.

Influences at Work

So, if the cosmos is in our favor, then what is with all these failed relationships? There is a time and a place for everything. As the old saying goes, everything happens for a reason.

We cannot change the way another one feels nor can we make them love us. We cannot force a relationship to work when broken. Two people form a bond, and they must be in it together. Reeling them back in will only result in continual failure.

Past relationships have happened. They were once great, but they have failed. Although the aftermath produced strife, those failed relationships were a learning process. You learned your strength as much as your weaknesses; you learned both the negative and the positive aspects of your personality.

Most of all, what you gained out of those failed relationships is the key to your future partner, the one you are meant to be with.

You have learned how to make your future lover a stronger person. What you provide for them is the equilibrium that is so needed in a relationship. Building each other up, that is what you have learned out of each one of those past relationships.

Discovering Yourself

To be a great partner, you must be true to yourself. You must know and accept the person both inside and outside of your skin.

We blunder, we falter, we royally screw up. Making mistakes is the nature of the beast in this thing called life. But, you have picked yourself up. You have sought the light at the other end of that deep dark tunnel. And you have found that light. We are given specific outcomes; it is how we move on from them and how we accept them.

Doing so is called soul searching.

Living From the Heart

When you finally reach that point of self-acceptance, you are living from the heart. Your lifelong partner will do the same, which will result in a relationship that is not based on fear, instead, a relationship that is based on each other.

Your partner may be out on the town with a group of friends, nightclub, restaurant, tavern, baseball game, whichever it may be, there is beauty surrounding all around them, a variety of bodies and faces, while you are at home with the television on or under the blanket with a book.

You end up reading more than half of that book, or maybe you can catch up on an entire season of your favorite show. However, you’re able to spend the night worry-free because you trust this person completely.

Your partner can travel across the country, have the more active social life, and neither one is an issue. There is security, and there is peace in your relationship because the commitment you have for each other is from the heart.

Mutual trust is not only beneficial to a relationship; it is crucial. You will rest comfortably, as well as find how much you appreciate space. Freedom from each other does not put a halt on your relationship, instead, maintaining some distance will make your relationship stronger.

That constant fear, that random paranoia is only an added stress in your life.

You Will Not Fail

Marriage with a genuine connection seems harder and harder to come by. Think about the increasing rates of divorce, the horror stories revealed in the media. Let’s face it, the reality of love does not come in the form a romantic comedy. It just doesn’t.

The main reason marriages fail is because at least one heart is no longer connected. Anyone who has been single for a long time can attest to this: society puts pressure on us to find love. Anyone who utilizes social media knows precisely where this is going.

Proposals, weddings, babies, they all seem to be popping up like Jack in The Boxes, only they are multiplying in numbers. There is that longing for another, the fear of being alone. We skip out on all the soul-searching, we ignore our gut feelings, because fear gets in the way. Who wants to be lonely, right?

Loving someone doesn’t require materials; the evidence is not superficial. The proof of a true heart connection is natural; it will never be forced. The proof is in small gestures, those moments that build up your confidence. The moments that do not leave you feeling without. You are fulfilled with this other person.

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