Couples Who Are Happy In A Relationship Are Likely to Gain Weight, According to Science

So it turns out that the term ‘love handles’ has a solid reason behind the name. According to scientific research, you can tell if a couple is happy together by looking at their waistlines. Research from the National Centre for Biotechnology Information showed that if you’re happy in a relationship you are more likely to gain weight.

The study was over four years and followed 169 married couples. The couples were weighed twice a year and were also asked on overall satisfaction and happiness in their marriage. The results showed that couples who didn’t gain weight were more likely to have split up and couples who gained weight were reportedly in happy marriages.

Why do happy couples gain weight?

It turns out that when you’re in a loving and happy relationship, you’re not worried about attracting another partner. You’re stable and secure in your relationship and certain that your partner also isn’t looking for another partner.

Couples whose relationship aren’t so secure tend to keep slim to potentially attract another mate.

Just because you’re happy in your relationship, doesn’t mean you should become complacent and put on lots of weight, it’s good to be comfortable but putting on weight is bad for your health. You need to be careful, maybe head to the gym or swap a take away for a home cooked meal to reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Dr. Meltzer, lead researcher psychologist explains; “By focusing more on weight in terms of health implications as opposed to appearance implications, satisfied couples may be able to avoid potentially unhealthy weight gain over time in their marriages.”

If you’re happy in your relationship and have gained a couple of pounds, relax in the fact that you’re in a secure relationship however just take care of yourself and don’t risk your health.

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