Dana Falsetti – The Inspirational Yoga Story Everyone Must Know!

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It often happens that we might suggest to someone that they must start practicing yoga. Unfortunately, their common response is either, ‘I’m fat,’ ‘I’m not fit enough’ or ‘Classmates would make fun of me’!

We learn about yoga every day and will continue to do so, but it is a given fact that these responses are simply excuses if not anything else. And to prove that they are one inspirational story.

The story of Dana Falsetti.

After reaching a point of great distress, lack of confidence and tormented inner peace, Dana was only searching for anything that would eradicate the feeling of anxiety within her.

During her college days, as Dana’s website explains, she was the heaviest at 300 pounds and the unhappiest, and as the stereotype goes for over-sized individuals for being unhappy, Dana fell into the torment of considering it too.

She did not lose hope though, Dana went and hit the gym! Over time, Dana realized that these few empty compliments and zero weight reducing exercises were not helping her.

Though Dana’s body had been changing there was something that remained the same, herself.

Dana’s struggle to eliminating her inner fears and no confidence remained.

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In her search for peace, Dana entered a yoga studio as the heaviest person there, trying to meet her goal at the end of the tunnel. The struggle was there initially as Dana could not hold down dog for five breaths and seeing people around her, Dana was just crumbling further.

However this time, Dana knew what she wanted and was going to do anything to get it.

In Dana’s words,

Many people think they need to be thin, flexible, or strong to practice yoga. Please, hear me when I say that yoga is for everybody. Your physical body isn’t a deciding factor in whether or not yoga is for you. Your body changes. Come to yoga to find out how you feel, not judge how you look.

Dana has 56.7 thousand followers on her Instagram page and posts some extremely motivational material on her Facebook page too! 

A photo posted by Dana Falsetti (@nolatrees) on

A photo posted by Dana Falsetti (@nolatrees) on

A photo posted by Dana Falsetti (@nolatrees) on

A photo posted by Dana Falsetti (@nolatrees) on

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