The Dark Side Of Empaths That You Rarely See and Must Always Be Cautious Of!

Naturally known as the healers of the world, empaths are usually those with heightened senses who not only see different energies but also hold the capacity actually to feel and experience them.

For those who are not empaths may often perceive this ability as a gift but for an empath, it has both sides, the bright and the dark side. A trait that is not always fun to possess.

This gift allows other people to feel safe around empaths and as a result, empaths are the ones with the most shared and the most profound secrets. However, on the flip side, despite the fact that an empath can handle emotions, they also experience quite a bit of stress.

The dark side of an empath is the home ground for both negative and the positive thoughts, at the same time. They experience both, the good and the bad and it can be incredibly overwhelming.

Empaths are the most attractive to negative energies, as they are too positive ones. No matter how hard they try, they are almost never able to escape the evils of the world. They have a thorough understanding of how the world works and that often confuses and saddens them.

As a result of absorbing these energies, empaths are consistently found to be exhausted and fatigued, but the art in their personalities is that you will never find out. They quietly observe and feel.

Unfortunately, many times an empath is taken for granted, they are never given back, and they are taken advantage of. They are certainly givers.

This dark side is heavy, heavy to carry. With keeping everything you have in your heart to yourself and then adding to it everything others have in their hearts too. They carry the weight on their selfless shoulders.

More so, an empath’s dark side also allows them to neglect their body and mind for the sake of others. This neglect builds overtime, and it is only after a particular time that you realized that you have become more distant than ever from yourself.

When an empath falls in love, they are never able to do so adequately. They can never let go of everything they have in their hearts to someone else. They know if they do, the love would be overwhelmingly intense and be extremely hard to handle for both people in the relationship.

Hence, empaths prefer keeping a part of their lives hidden. They always keep their guard up and not let anyone enter their realms. They persist with the war with themselves. The war they wage.

Ideally, for an empath, the only way to combat in this battle is by ensuring that they are capable of distinguishing between their own emotions and the energies that try to invade them.

Empaths need to be able to let down the wall they’ve built up around their feelings so that they can let their empathic selves do good in their own life.

Otherwise, empaths are destined to fight a war within themselves that never ends.

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