Detox Your Body, Mind, and Soul with These 7 Lifestyle Tips

Have you played those mini vertical scrolling games where numerous power-ups are dropping from above? While keeping an eye on the main goal that will get you to the next level, you also have to dodge the bad power-ups and make an effort to catch the good ones. Life is somewhat the same, only a bit more complicated. Your main goal is living a happy, content life, and you will have to refrain from negativities while attracting more positivity with a healthy mind, body, and soul.

This does not imply that you steer clear from hardships or never step out of your comfort zone. It is about detoxing your life from unnecessary toxic stuff. Only you hold power to filter the negative energy from your life, be it worrying you, a noxious relationship, or an unhealthy diet. What we’re focusing on here is how to detox your mind from negativity—detoxing your mind ultimately teaches you how to detox your body. Have you noticed how a troubled mind restrained by depression and anxiety targets its body to give existence to their mental torture be that self-harm, anorexia, or bulimia?

Here are a few easy yet effective mind detox methods that could help you destress yourself.

1. Choose your Social Circle Wisely

A human can not function without the much-needed social interactions, but what’s worse is a toxic and non-supportive social circle. Start cutting off people that are ruining your mental state. End a harmful relationship that has nothing but taken from you. Block people on Instagram that make you feel lowly of yourself. Distance friends that show fake sympathy and remorse.

You need to surround yourself with positive people if you want to attract them. Befriend people that hold value in your life. Sit in gatherings that talk about propelling forward rather than pulling their competitors down. Follow motivational pages on social media. You will soon see how exhausting irrelevant relations can be.

2. Declutter

Your productivity can seriously decrease if you have a messy environment. That’s not what I say; it’s what the studies have presented. A clean and interactive environment is conducive to effective working and a fantastic mind detox method. Cluttering and hoarding excessively can indicate a similar condition of your mind. Not maintaining hygiene beyond bearable limits is a mental disorder.

So, start spring cleaning now. Raid your abode for any useless junk that does not belong there. Get rid of the shirts and hoodies you stole from your ex. They’re exes for a reason. Don’t hold on to things that go back to painful and unpleasant memories. You have a whole life ahead. Are you going to hoard everything? You never know you might find some long-lost sentimental souvenirs in your extensive cleaning adventure.

3. Keep your body moving

By that, I mean indulge in rejuvenating exercises. It can be a leisure stroll around your block or a crazy dance night with your best friends. A body must receive its daily dose of revitalization if it intends to live a lively and fulfilling life. Exercise is known to increase blood flow to all parts of the body and is amazing to keep yourself tones—no place for toxic stuff in the mind or body.

If you want to take a more therapeutic approach to detox your body and mind, then go for meditation. Meditation is not only a tried and tested tip but also scientifically-proven to enhance mental and physical health. Yoga is the ideal candidate for such situations.

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4. Keep hydrated

It may seem like a very narrow-spectrum approach to detox your body and mind, but believe me on this one – it has more benefits than we know. From being the thermostat for our body to improving cardiovascular health, there are no aspects where water is not involved.

Your brain capability and muscle movements are also greatly improved by an ample amount of water. It is a detox in its literal sense. It dilutes toxicity and helps pass out excess minerals and salts. Moreover, it keeps skin bouncy and elastic. Make it a habit to carry a water bottle with you wherever you go. If you’re not one for drinking plain water, add a bit of lime and cucumbers. Perfect! Just the thought of it refreshes me.

5. Healthy diet

I guess the most obvious answer to how to detox your body is probably rethinking your eating habits. The direct cause of overweight, illness-prone body is an unbalanced diet. Pay extra attention to what you intake. It is a good habit to keep count of the calories you intake each day and what suits your body type. There’s a reason why each item has the nutritional information table at the back. But then again, being overly paranoid and strict about your diet can make meals dull.

Experiment with your taste buds by trying out a new and wholesome dish each day. Make sure it has all the components you need. Make your diet even healthier by following a proper eating routine. Try not to eat at an ungodly hour like 3 in the morning.

6. Limited Screen Time

Please don’t spend unnecessary time on your electronic devices. Not only is it a non-constructive way to pass your time, but excessive use can have severe harmful effects on your eyes and mind. If you’re someone whose job description involves a lot of screen exposure, make sure to take small breaks at intervals.

Social media addiction? I’ve been there, using Facebook for hours on end. Many of you may or may not be aware of the personal well-being feature in recent smartphones. It allows you to control your screen time and limit certain app accessibility.

7. Let Your Passion drive you

Every action in your life must be driven by an innate passion for striving forward, even if it’s conforming to a daily routine. There’s a difference between living and being alive, and it’s not very difficult to differentiate. Be passionate about your goals in life. There may be an inspiration behind it, there can be people pushing you forward, but most importantly, the primary fuel should be your passion.

In this world, entrepreneurs and successful people have one thing in common: an insane passion for achieving what they have visualized for themselves. You’ll be surprised to know how life changes once you let your passion take the wheel.

You need to know how to detox your body and mind from negativity. Do whatever makes you feel at peace and be mindful of the activities you carry out daily.

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Laurel Hiebert has just emerged from her teenage years and exploring life with its ups and downs. At a tender age, she discovered her love for reading and writing. English classes were always her favorite because she got to paint a canvas of her own imagination. It was not until recently that she shifted from story writing to proper content writing. She set off on her journey with a single goal in mind: to never stop learning.

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