SHOCKING: Cancer is a Man Made Disease – Researchers Confirm

Would you believe me if we tell you that Cancer is a human-made disease? There is a recent study that seems to conclude this fact.

The Researchers from the University of Manchester have done some research that made them conclude that cancer is human-made.

150,000 people die of this disease in the UK alone so just imagine the number of people who die from this disease all over the world. According to statistics, there are 1 in 3 people who are likely to get this dreaded disease.

There are different things that researchers did to reach this conclusion.

  • They studied fossils
  • They checked mummies
  • They researched classical literature

Based on what they found, it seems that cancer has been fueled because of the lifestyle of modern people. In the past, tumors were not that common. Perhaps cancer has become more rampant and common during recent times because of people’s poor diet, lack of exercise and excess technology.

Tissue from different mummies was rehydrated and checked under the microscope, and they found no sign of cancer at all except for one.

Some researchers would like to bunk up this claim saying that Egyptians were not likely to get Cancer because most of them died young. The researchers from the University of Manchester said that some signs of aging were present, but there was no sign of cancer.

At present, cancer is the second leading cause of death after cardiovascular diseases, but in the past, cancer was rare. The natural environment that we are in, nothing there causes cancer, so it is easier to conclude that this disease is a product of man due to modern times.

This study gives a new perspective on this disease. Cancer rates had increased dramatically due to modern times when before, there was not any presence of any malignant tumors available. The factors that are causing the disease now is present in our modern world.

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