20 DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas 2019 We Bet You Haven’t Thought Of

Nothing says Christmas like tinsel covered stairwells, festive cushions, ornaments on the mantel, and a warm fire blazing in the fireplace.  Christmas is only a few days away so get your house ready with these DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas 2019.

1. Banner

A colorful banner can spruce up a plain wall.  They’re super easy to make with some clothespins, colorful sheets of paper, and ribbon.  You can free hand some letters or print out a stencil.

Cut the letters out and hang the ribbon up with decorating hooks.  Now, attach the letters to the ribbon with clothespins.

A colorful “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” sign can be the perfect decoration to complete your holiday décor and is one of the best DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas.

2. Paper Christmas trees

Don’t forget about the bookshelves in your living room.  You can make some adorable paper Christmas trees with construction paper, chopsticks, cardboard, and hot glue.

To make the trees, take the construction paper and cut five circles in various sizes.  Now fold the circles in half and create accordion pleats.  Take the chopstick and break it in half.

Then hot glue the chopstick to the cardboard base.  Now take the largest circle and push it through the chopstick base.  Secure with hot glue.  Repeat for the next three circles.

For the last circle, place a dot of hot glue on the tip of the chopstick and lay the last circle down.  Your tree is now finished and this is another one of the brilliant DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas 2019.

3. Figurine ornaments

Take small figurines from the dollar store and make them in to ornaments for the tree.You can spray paint the figurines or cover them in Mod Podgeand glitter for a chic snowy look.

To make them in to ornaments, hot glue a piece of ribbon to the back of the figurine and tie a knot to make DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas work.

4. Chalkboard Calendar

Count down to Christmas with a fun calendar made from an old mirror.  You can buy one at the thrift store or use an old one from your house.

Paint over the mirror with chalkboard paint and draw out a calendar to count down the days to Christmas.  Once Christmas is over, you can use it to write out your to-do list or even plan out a menu for your next dinner party as its one of the best DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas.

5. Corkboard advent calendar

Advent calendars are a fun way to countdown to Christmas.  Cut out a 25 by 25 inch square corkboard.

Then make small envelopes from paper and fill each envelope with a small treat such as travel sized makeup, skincare samples, or even small pieces of chocolate.

Glue gift tags to the envelopes and mark each tag with a number.  Attach the envelopes to the corkboard with decorative thumbtacks.

Now you’re ready to countdown to Christmas and surprise someone with fun little treats every day of December with DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas.

6. Snowflake chandelier

Make a whimsical chandelier with paper, poster board, and pieces of ribbon.  First, cut out a large ring from a piece of poster board.

Paint everything white then cover in glitter for a whimsical look.  Then punch holes in the poster board to loop the pieces of ribbon through.

To make snowflakes, cut sheets of printer paper in to 3-inch by 3-inch squares.  Now fold the squares in whatever way you want.  Take a pair of scissors and start snipping away at corners, centers, and sides.

Once your square is full of holes, unfold your snowflake.  Loop a piece of ribbon through one of the holes on the snowflake and attach it to the poster board.

Have the snowflakes dangle from various lengths for an elegant and chic chandelier being one of the best DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas.

7. Metallic Pinecones

Fill a tray or vase with metallic pinecones for a stylish centerpiece.  All you have to do is spray paint the pinecones with white, silver, or gold spray paint.

Let the pinecones dry and place them in a vase or scatter them on a mantel for an adorable winter wonderland look.  You can even attach some ribbon and hang the pinecones on the tree!

8. Ornament Tree

Add some art to the walls with an old picture frame.  Hot glue ornaments on to the cardboard backing of the old picture frame.  Use various sized and colored ornaments to create a whimsical and festive art piece for your wall.

9. Stars on the Walls

Cut out stars from cardboard and poster board then spray paint with metallic colors.  You can even paint the stars with mod podge and add loose glitter.

Or create a cool textured star with hot glue and crumpled up pieces of aluminum foil or tissue paper.

After you’ve decorated your stars, punch a small hole through one of the sides.  Loop fishing wire or ribbon through the hole to hang it on the walls.

Make the holes extra secure by hot gluing the edges. Ribbon will give your stars a shabby chic style while the fishing wire will be invisible to the eye, giving the stars a whimsical look as they float in mid-air.

10. Catchy Canvases

Paintlyrics from your favorite Christmas songs on to pieces of canvas.Then hang the canvas on your wall for an easy festive art piece.


11. Santa’s Mailbox

Make Santa’s Mailbox with a piece of cardboard and two pieces of posterboard.  Cut the cardboard in to a 12-inch by 5-inch rectangle and the poster board in to a 12-inch by 12-inch square.

Hot glue the poster board on to the cardboard base.  Now you have the mailbox.  Use the second piece of poster board to create the front and back pieces.

Remember to make a slit on the side or front of the mailbox so your kids can mail their letters to Santa.  You can decorate the mailbox with Candy canes, glitter, or paint for a festive look.

12. Yarn Forest

Roll a piece of paper in to a cone shape and tape the seam to secure.  Soak some yarn in mod podge then wrap itaround the cone.  Once the yarn is dry remove the paper cone.

Decorate your tree with pom-pom balls, beads, or even fabric embellishments to create adorable little trees.  You can even make cones in various sizes to create an adorable yarn tree forest.

13. Wine glass centerpiece

Take three wine glasses and fill them with ornaments.  Place a tray over the three wine glasses and flip them over.  Now the glasses are upside down and the ornaments are still inside.  Place candles on top for a beautiful candle lit centerpiece.

14. Winter Wonderland

Cover fake flowers and branches with white paint and while they’re drying sprinkle them with flecks of glitter. Once they’re dry use these pieces to decorate your mantel, bookshelf or coffee table.

15. Candlelit fireplace

Put seven candles of various sizes on a large tray.  Place the tray in the fireplace and light all the candles.  You’ll get the warm, glowing light without having a working fireplace.

16. Rustic chic lights

Fill large mason jars with string lights of various sizes.  Use battery operated lights so you won’t have to worry about finding an electrical outlet.  Place these jars around a fireplace or on the mantel for a chic and cozy living room.

17. Jumbo ornaments

Spray paint an assortment of beach balls.  While they are drying,paint some old tuna cans silver.  Once the paint is dry, drill a hole through the can, thread the ribbon through the hole, and hot glue the ribbon to the inside of the can.

Now hot glue the can over the beach ball.  You now have an array of jumbo ornaments you can decorate your porch with.

18. Popsicle stick wall ornaments

Buy a pack of Popsicle sticks and hot glue them in to various designs, such as snowflakes, Christmas trees, or stars to create easy pieces of wall art.  You can also tie a ribbon around the top to make them easy to hang.

19. Wine cork ornaments

Hot glue your old wine corks in the shape of mistletoes, stars, or Christmas trees.  After your design is dry, attach a ribbon in a simple loop or a bow shape to hang them on the tree.

20. Wine bottle vases

Remove the label off of old wine bottlesthen spray paint them in stylish metallic colors.  Add glitter to the bottles while the paint is drying.

Collect some broken branches from your yard and spray paint them white. Once everything is dry, throw the painted branches in to the bottles and hang a few ornaments off of them.

Put these bottles by the fireplace, on a shelf, or on your table as a centerpiece for the holidays.

Now, that your house is decorated. You’re ready for holidays to start.  So send out those invitations and open a bottle of wine.  Happy holidays!

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