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Don’t Settle Until You Find A Man Like This

The one who looks at you in wonder, as if you were correctly created for no other reason on Earth than to love and be loved by him.

Who surprises you with flowers; not because he hurt you, but just because he loves to see the way you glow when your smile comes from within.

Stay strong and wait because he’s out there, waiting for you.

Waiting, for the day when he can grab your hand and pull you close in public to give you a kiss that makes those butterflies in your belly, dance to the pounding of your heart.

Stay single dearest, because there’s an honest man who won’t play games with you. Who keeps his word, says what he means and means what he says.

One who knows how to apologize when he’s made a mistake – someone you will love enough to forgive.

A guy who isn’t flirtatiously texting ten other women to inflate his ego, while claiming to love only you.

Who replies back to your every text and waits for your “I made it home safely” before he can fall asleep.

Manners are rare these days and so are men who’ll help you with your coat even though you’re capable of putting it on by yourself.

This also includes walking on the outside of the sidewalk to keep you away from the street, holding doors for you and picking up the tab at dinner. In fact, these aren’t just manners; these are actions that show he cares for you.

Don’t settle until you’ve found the one who’s excited to introduce you to his family or his friends; who already know a lot about you because he can’t stop talking about you.

Wait for the one you’d be proud to introduce to your mother and father, they’re sure to love him as much as you do when they see the way he looks at you; as if you hung every star in the sky.

Wait until you’ve found the one who helps motivate you to be a better woman, who believes that your hopes and dreams are as important as his.

Love is a life of togetherness; find a guy you love enough to support his career and aspirations as well.

Stay single darling, until you find the man whose gaze can make you feel as if you’re the most beautiful girl in the universe.

Who says “I love you” out of the blue, just because he wants to remind you of it. He would drop everything to rescue you, like your knight in shining armor, if you needed his help.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve because there’s a guy who will never make you wonder how he feels about you.

A man who would never stop trying to keep you because he couldn’t bear the thought of life without you.

“Have faith and wait because he’s out there waiting; the one that you won’t be able to imagine life without.”

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About the Author: Bethany Vincent is a writer from La Grange Kentucky who has loved playing with words since she first learned to speak. She lives with her teenage son and adopted dog daughter in a cute, yellow house with a picket fence. During college at the University of Louisville, she could be found at the writing center most of the time and her main areas of focus were literature, creative writing, and visual arts. Bethany has contributed articles and created content for many websites and blogs during her writing career. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, juggle-dancing, yoga, photography, cooking and singing along with her favorite songs while in the car driving. In the future, she plans to finish writing her first book and hopes to travel to all the beautiful places that she’s read about.

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