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What Your Dreams Say About Your Love Life

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Dream analysts believe that our dreams show us aspects of our lives through symbols and images. What might seem like a completely random dream often has a significance or meaning. Our brain is more complicated than we usually perceive, which is perhaps why many are skeptical about dream analysis. However, there are some fascinating links between what we dream and how we experience our reality. One of the main ones is symbols in dreams relating to our love life.

Michele Meiche has been studying dreams for the entirety of her career, and she believes that our dreams can reveal our deepest fears and anxieties. Each dream we have is a ‘message’ from our subconscious, and can often help us process the real world better while we are sleeping.

Michele claims that some people believe our dreams are a revelation of the future or a prediction of what might happen next. Whether this is true or not, there are significant links found in our dreams that can tell us a lot – particularly about our relationships and love life.

First off, though…it’s essential to remember that dreams aren’t literal

Though our dreams reveal our deepest fears and thoughts, it’s often the case that an image in your dream can be interpreted as a symbol, not as a literal thing. For example, dreaming of a monster may reflect a different fear. If you have dreams of something more realistic like your love life, such as your partner cheating on you. It reflects your concern that they may cheat on you in the future.

In a dream, you may put yourself in your partner’s place

We often see our partners in a good light, and we, therefore, view in them the qualities that we lack. Our interaction with our partners in a dream may reflect the way in which we see ourselves.

A bear is often significant in a dream

Meiche believes that a bear is a universal human fear, and so they often crop up as a symbol of our dreams. When they appear, the interaction between you and the bear is essential and can symbolize what’s happening in your relationship. If you run from the bear, it could be that you’re hiding an emotion or thought from your partner, which is causing you enough anxiety to dream about it. Fighting the bear is a sign that you could be attacking your partner, usually in a verbal way. These symbolic dreams show how you handle your relationship, and reveal underlying issues you need to address.

Dogs play an important role too

Dogs are of course a man’s best friend, and when they crop up in a dream, it should never be ignored. A dog is representative of an essential person in your life, such as a family member or friend, but they could represent your partner too. We associate dogs with loyalty and love, so when a dog acts out in a dream, it could be a representation of how you feel about your relationship. An attack from a dog in your dream expresses that you don’t feel safe or looked after in your relationship. If the dog in the dream is friendly, it reflects on the positive state of your relationship.

Some dreams can reflect a literal and conscious desire

If you dream of someone and wake up wanting to see them, there’s a reason for that. If you dream about your ex, it’s possible you still have feelings for them. It doesn’t mean anything serious – there’s no need to act on the dream, but it can indicate that you should think carefully about what you want romantically.

What you feel in the dream is the most important signal

Anxiety in a dream often reflects a real-life problem. Meiche believes this could be the function of the dream – to alert you to an issue you need to resolve when you wake. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. A happy dream is a sign of happy times between you and your partner. If anxiety is present, it doesn’t mean the end of a relationship. It simply means, like so many couples, you have a few creases that need to be ironed out.

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