Eating Habits That Can or Probably are Destroying Your Health

eating habits that destroy your health

Health is wealth, we’ve heard this phrase more than a million times by now. Evidently it is true as well. According to research healthy people tend to live longer and happier than unhealthy people. Which is quite evident too. 

How to take care of our health?

A very easy question, anyone above the age 5 can answer. But many people have been asking how to maintain a healthy diet and actually have your diet work better comparatively.

Somehow many of us eat well and eat a lot, but their health’s are not on point. Why does this happen?

It is because you aren’t taking a proper diet or you’re not eating proper.

Eating proper can have a positive effect on you and eating a lot can have an adverse effect. There is a fine line between eating healthy and eating a lot. 

Skipping meals

One thing you should always keep in mind is that take your regular meals at their regular time. Skipping meals is not healthy at all. Your digestive system takes a skip and it all goes down the road. Sometimes people are so busy in their daily routines that they usually miss lunch or eat lunch later.

This habit is not healthy at all, toxic as it sounds, you’re skipping a main part of your day. 

What your digestive system does is that when you skip lunch, you either lose your appetite or gain some. Both are hazardous. When you lose appetite, it means your body is skipping an entire meal and will not consume the calories required to get you through the day.

Less calories, less energy you have. Which is bad for your health. In the other scenario where your appetite increases, you tend to eat more dinner. Eating makes you sleepy, so when you sleep while consuming more than your usual, it does not get digested.

It stays in your stomach and passes out. Your diet is being compromised here.

Having fruits simultaneously with meals

This adds extra amount of carbohydrates since we already are in-taking them in our meals. 

Eat as many fruits as you can. Also follow the seasonal fruits such as mangoes, watermelons etc. These fruits have their own tendencies for seasons.

For instance, watermelon hydrates your body in summer and helps you from getting a heat stroke. Similarly, every fruit has its own uniqueness and qualities. 

Also, fruits provide your body with minerals, nutrients and vitamins. Fruits are healthy and tasty. Why not eat something which is good for our health and also tastes good?

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Not having timely meals

Not having timely meals have a similar effect as skipping meals. However, there are certain things we all should keep in mind while eating meals. 

You should eat your breakfast around 7-9. Not an hour after this. Make sure you eat as much as you can in your breakfast. Consume all calories, have a rich diet. Eat fruits, vitamins and make sure your diet has carbohydrates and zinc. 

Have your lunch not later than 2:30 or 3. Digestion takes time, make sure you give your body enough time to digest proper amount of food by evening so that you can have snacks properly. Don’t eat too much during lunch. 

Dinner should not be eaten later than 10 pm. Eat proper and try to include vegetables and fresh fruits in your dinner. Don’t eat too much, sleeping on so much food in your stomach can be toxic for your body. 

Leaving your body dehydrated

Water intake is very important for your body. Not just water try to drink fresh juices during your day. At least drink more than 8 glasses of water during your day. Fresh juice in your breakfast can lighten your mood up for your entire day. 

Try to avoid soft drinks. Soft drinks do not bring energy to your body. They are bad for health. If you’ve joined a gym, I’d suggest you ask your trainer if I’m wrong. Soft drinks gets you obese. 

Another worst habit is smoking, if you smoke, please stop smoking. A single cigarette burns 12 calories. So if you’re smoking regularly, basically you’re killing all your intake. 

Not chewing your food properly

It is best to find essence and taste in your food. One of the most heavens like feelings. If you chew properly, you feel every bit of the taste melting in your mouth and also it gets you high on nutrients

Chewing properly doesn’t only help your taste buds feel good, it also helps your stomach digest better. Do you know the average number of bites a normal American take from a cheeseburger? Only 10.

However, you should at least take more than 14 bites to digest it easily. Your digestive system does work efficiently even without you chewing properly but it will wear out sooner or later. It is better to chew the food and keep your body healthy.

Haven’t you heard the saying “Eat healthy, live healthy”? It is the bitter truth. Mom was absolutely right when she was giving us broccoli and we would skip meals. Eat fresh vegetables and fresh fruits, as much as you can. You will surely see a difference in no time. 

Eating when your body is giving signs of dehydration

Confusing your thirst with signs of hunger. You must be thinking who does that but yes it can happen to some people. Some people usually confuse when they’re thirsty with signs of hunger. They are two different things. 

Many people usually try to drink sugar containing drink when they are hungry to postpone their hunger. It might even work but it is not healthy at all. When you’re hungry, you should eat.

If you’re hungry and it’s not time for supper, try snacks. Snacks help a lot, they exercise your stomach. Consider snacks as a warm up for your stomach. 

Do you often feel very hungry and end up eating less?

That is because you stalled hunger for too long. In this while you should try fresh juices and snacks. Don’t eat too much when it’s not the time but warm your stomach up a bit. 

Anyways, eat well and stay healthy. As we all know, healthy life, happy life. 

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