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Either Love Me Like You Really Give a Sh*t or Just Stay Away!

What’s the test of a good relationship? How often you argue? What about simply how hard, passionately and completely you love, because if you don’t love blindly, wholeheartedly and with every inch of your being, maybe you aren’t meant to be together?

Do you loves to kiss in public, are overly affectionate and labelled “that” couple by your friends? If you are, then stand proud because you love and are not ashamed of it. If you aren’t, then maybe ask why you don’t feel the same.

If you don’t want to embrace and kiss your partner, or flirt with them like you’ve just met after years of being together, then are you wasting your time? If your partner doesn’t cause a spark in you, what are you with them for?

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Love is magical and can transform a person. When it’s right you can become the best version of yourself and discover a whole new side of your personality you never knew. This is the love you want; the love that changes, the love that endures and the love that stays with you forever.

A love should challenge your mind, develop and expand your thoughts and give you new eyes on the world.

It should let you grow, becoming the most authentic version of yourself and making you believe anything in life is possible. A loving relationship gives you the space to test boundaries and break barriers, together as a couple and it doesn’t matter if you fail because you have each other and that is everything.

Relationships shouldn’t be hard work, but they do take effort. Those that last do so because you can work through the tough times have the hard conversations and in the end grow together and meet in the middle, with mutual respect.

You have to forgive and really forgive. Accept other’s faults, ideas and loves without exception. Move on when people hurt you and not hang onto pain, trying to justify why someone would hurt you because sometimes they just do.

Remember that listening, really listening to someone can save a love; that empathy is a gift and letting someone struggling know they aren’t alone can be the only help they need.

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Be responsible for yourself, your actions and behavior in life and what you do in your relationship and understand that if you do something wrong you must own it and apologies for your mistake. You are your own person and placing blame is only telling further lies, but this time to yourself.

Take care of yourself because only when you are OK mentally and physically, can someone else rely on you, can a partner trust you. Accept who you are as a person and know that while improvements can be made, they won’t happen overnight and real change can only be achieved over a long period of time.

Invest in real relationships and genuine connections, anything else isn’t worth the time. Recognize when it’s right and don’t ignore the signs that you may have met someone with who you could have a genuine connection. Don’t be scared to fall, because it could be the best thing that ever happens to you.

People who are meant to be together will always find a way to make it work. The best way to find out is to let yourself be vulnerable, love honestly and deeply and without holding back and then if it fails, you know you gave it everything.

You are in charge of the love you create through your words, actions and thoughts and if you want a great love you can have it.  You just need to learn that love won’t just happen and that it takes time and energy and needs to be nurture and cared for if it’s going to grow and endure.

Embrace date nights, whether they are simple or extravagant, just a coffee or a luxury weekend away, it’s a sign you care and a reminder that your relationship needs nurturing however long you have been together.

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Recognize the importance of hugs, kisses, foot rubs and the simple act of holding their hand. Go on dates, surprise them with small gifts, make romantic gestures, do anything that reminds them how and why they fell in love because that connection is everything.

Love every inch of them, spend days, weeks, months exploring each other and then do it all again. Be selfish with your time, spend all day just staring at one another, making love and sitting silently together knowing nothing you could say was as loud as the connection you have made.

Love needs to be taken care of, protected and given space to grow and it’s the couples who understand this and are prepared to do this that last.

When a couple knows how to love deeply and want to love with every inch of their body and soul, then these are the couples who will not break up because of the usual obstacles. Distance, time apart, work schedules, how can these daily occurrences tear apart two people who claim to be in love? They don’t, they’re excuses because that love isn’t big enough to overcome them, isn’t strong enough to survive these tests.

Love should be bursting out of you and be part of everything you do whether it’s on purpose or just subconsciously, you shouldn’t be able to separate your love from yourself.

If you can’t love someone more than yourself, greater than you’ve ever believed imaginable and put everything on the line, what’s the point?

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