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An Empath Can be Both the Hero and The Villain in the Relationship

Empath can be both hero and villain in relationship

Empathy – Who is an Empath?

In general empath refers to a person who can put themselves into someone else’s shoes and feel what they might feel in certain situations. Empathy is a gift bestowed to us by God. Many people, in fact most of us feel what others might feel.

For instance, while reading this, if i say you were to find chocolates or gifts on your bed tonight, you would feel good, won’t you?

Now imagine if you did the same for your partner, imagining how they would feel if they went through the same emotional drive. This feeling of hindsight is called empathy and people who have high empathy levels are God gifted.

In short, the most precise definition of an empath is; a person who can feel other people’s pain or feelings in hindsight or insight are called empaths or people who have empathy.

If I were to imagine your feelings and anticipate your thoughts after reading this blog accurately, I were to be called an empath.

Important Values of a Relationship

Before we dive deep into how empaths are the hero or the villain in a relationship, it is important for us to understand certain values which make a relationship healthy and strong.

1. Trust

Trust can be regarded as the most important key factor in a relationship. No relationship can work for a long time if you don’t trust your partner. Trust between the peers is as important as the person itself.

2. Space and limits

At a certain point, there comes a time when both of you need certain space to find more about yourself.

Being clingy at this point is only going to drive the other person crazy, so it is best to know your limits and learn how to give space to your partner.

3. Know where things are going

It is essential that both of you are on the same page when it comes to knowing where the relationship is going.

It is always best to talk it out with the person, you might be looking for something long term and serious and the other person might not be stable enough for that kind of a commitment.

4. Passionate

Make sure that your partner is as passionate for you as you are for him/her, because till their is passion driving your relationship, things are always going to work out between you two.

5. Sexual intimacy

In every relationship, the first thing that makes you compatible with him/her is how good you are in bed with them. You need to make sure that the person is sexually attracted to you like a magnet. There are many ways to lure your partner in and make your sexual life better.

6. Effective Communication

Effective communication is essential to understand your partners needs and desires. Sometimes people don’t come out of the closet with their problems, you have to ask them and make them comfortable with you.

How to increase your communication skills?

There are many ways to increase your communication skills which help you make the other person understand you better. Here are some pointers which will help you get better at communicating with others.

  1. Don’t interrupt others
  2. Try to stop whining all the time
  3. Try to make people understand your problems more sufficiently
  4. Read books and articles to increase your vocabulary for better words
  5. Understand that no one is going to harm you until you let them
  6. Don’t talk much about yourself
  7. Always learn to listen to others and then respond to them
  8. Always be respectful to people and your body language should always be positive

Disadvantages of being an empath

Disadvantages of being an empath is that you think too much before you act, sometimes love requires you to be impulsive and spontaneous.

For example, you thought about getting your boyfriend a beautiful gift or to take him to a fancy restaurant for a date. Now, your thought process is going to take you places now.

If you’re an empath you’re going to imagine every possible outcome of the scenario. Now, you will start taking his health and his mind state in account, you’re going to think about what if he/she is tired and what if he/she doesn’t like the restaurant.

This kind of behavior will keep you from acting out of love for them and make them feel better. You will always keep backing out because of the negative thoughts. This is going to make fall in and out of love.

Another disadvantage of being an empath is that sometimes people don’t react to things like you thought they would, which might leave you disheartened.

Not everyone has the same temper and thought process as a normal person, and certain people tend to overreact to even minor things which you wouldn’t have possibly thought.

Advantages of being an empath

Like disadvantages, everything has its perks and advantages. Being an empath is something good and something bad.

Being able to interpret every single emotional journey of a person is a pretty amazing ability, you can know what the other person might feel and you can plan accordingly.

This is a handy technique which can come in handy while planning for surprises, birthdays and what not. You need to know the person really well in order to give them something special. But if you’re an empath, you just need to imagine how they would feel instead.

This ability sort of gives you the leverage in any relation, nay, whatever the relationship might be. One thing to keep in mind is the love you guys share and always think that the relation between you two is the most important thing.

Other things follow with love and make your life better somehow. Always remember what comes first to you. Use this ability to make others’ lives easier by showing them how much they mean to you. Always use your super powers to bring out the best of the people around you!

Being An Empath Caused So Much Heartbreak And Now I’m Trying To Heal Myself

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