If You Ever See Your Cat Doing This, They’re Trying To Tell You Something Very Important

If you own a cat, you know that they have a tendency to be independent. They are not as clingy as dogs and you will probably not know if they are trying to express their emotions to you. It will be hard to know how your cat feels about you but it is very likely that they love you too.

Cats have their own ways of showing you that you are loved. Read on below to find out the various gestures and movements that cats do to show that they care for you.

1. They bring dead animals to your house and place it near your feet

This is your way of telling you that you are a part of their family. They would like to show you how to catch your own prey because the believe that this is the way that you can stay alive. Instead of being angry with your cat whenever he/she does this, thank your cat and allow it to take the dead animal away.

2. They stare at you

One thing that you should remember about cats is that they do not blink often. As long as they would look at you in a soft and steady manner, this is their way of showing you that they trust you.

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

3. They knead their paws on you

This can be painful especially when the parts of your body that are kneaded by cats are a bit sensitive but this is your cat’s way of telling you that they are affectionate towards you. They may try to scramble free when you hug them and kiss them but they have affection towards you too if only you would notice it in a positive way.

4. They rub their face against you

They have scent glands found on their cheeks and head. Whenever they try to rub it on you, they are marking you as a part of their family. If the cat never does this to you, then you may want to show it more affection so that he/she will warm up towards you.

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

5. They show you their bellies

Their bellies is one of the most vulnerable parts of their body and when they are in this position, they normally cannot fight back. The fact that they are showing this to you means that they trust you and they are comfortable with you.

6. Take a look at your cat’s tail

If you want to know how your cat is feeling, you have to take a look at its tail. If your cat’s tail is raised high, it means that your cat is happy. If your cat is feeling affectionate, then you can expect that its tail will even wrap around you.

7. Your cat runs between your legs

Do you sometimes have to stop yourself from tripping because your cat has tried to go around your legs all over and over again? This is your cat’s way of marking you with its scent. Once again, this makes you a part of your cat’s family.

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

8. Your cat purrs

There are different reasons why your cat purrs. There are times when it can indicate that your cat is extremely happy in your company but there are also times when they purr in order to make themselves feel better as they are not feeling well. Look at the other signs and symptoms exhibited by your cat so you will know exactly what your cat is trying to say.

9. Your cat nibbles your skin

You may take this as a sign of aggression but this is not true at all. They are showing you that they want to groom you the same way that a mother cat grooms its kittens. If you are trying to be groomed by your cat, it simply means that it is affectionate towards you.

10. Your cat follows you everywhere you go

Similar to how dogs act, your cat may want to go to the same places that you visit. This is your cat’s way of telling you that he/she likes your company. Do not become annoyed. Rather, be flattered because cats do not follow everyone around like how some dogs do. It’s just a sign that they want to be with you.

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