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Every Reason Why Millennials Must Wait Till Their 30s To Get Married!

Mid-twenties.  What a confusing and exciting time in a person’s life.  It is in your mid-twenties that you discover that you may not, in fact, want to work in the business world and you would rather do something that requires less rigid working hours.

Or that the path that you had laid out for your perfect life is actually going in the complete opposite direction.  Or that you might never want to have kids after seeing a screaming child having a complete meltdown in the middle of the grocery stores.  The twenties bring with them the experience of figuring out what it means to be truly independent while also defining who you are as a person.

But with the twenties also comes with it a barrage of people getting married and having children.  By your mid-twenties, if you have not found your lifelong significant other people begin to question what you are actually going to do with your life.  You will also find that your Facebook is filled with pictures of people getting engaged, getting married or pictures of so-and-so’s newest bouncing beautiful baby.

But is that really what twenty-something was meant to be? Is it not in your twenties that you are supposed to go a slew of horrible first dates, travel the world and possibly make major life decisions without thinking twice about the decision? There are people out there that believe that being in your twenties is not meant to be the time of settling down and starting a family, but rather a time of great adventure.

Here are five benefits they believe are proof that it is better to wait until your thirties to get married:

Dating is a good thing

Your twenties are time of going on a ton of horrible first dates and falling in love with multiple different people (hopefully not at the same time).  But it is also a time for you to realize what you do and do not need out of a long-term relationship.  Take time in your twenties to kiss a lot of frogs to weed out the bad of relationships while focusing on the good.  That way, by the time you are in your thirties, you know exactly what you are looking for and do not have to worry if you are making the right decision.

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Stockpile on your savings

After you graduate from college, grad school or even law school your next logical step will be to start paying off any debt you managed to accrue while you are in school.  You will also start saving up for your future.  Whether you are saving up for house or just paying off your loans, by the time you reach your thirties, you will not have to worry about bringing large debt into your relationship and future marriage and can just focus on planning the wedding of your dreams.

Become a world traveler

Your twenties should be a time of grand adventure.  Waiting until you are thirty to get married allows you to tackle your travel bucket list before settling down and having kids without the added stress or worry about leaving a family behind.  That and it gives you a chance to take that dream girls trip to Australia with your girlfriends or that awesome backpacking trip with the guys.  Whatever your dream trip is, waiting until your thirties to get married helps prevent you from feeling obligated to stay behind.

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Pinterest-worthy weddings are not so important

If you are in your twenties, chances are you have an entire board dedicated to your dream wedding that will look something right out of wedding magazine.  But getting married in your twenties leads to expectations of tradition and family expectations.  Waiting to get married until your thirties affords you the opportunity to go to a lot of weddings and get ideas of things you would and would not like to do for your own wedding.  Plus, in your thirties, you are a little more independent and chances are you are paying for your own wedding which gives you the ability to make it more authentic to you and your significant other.

Career priority

In your twenties, you are just figuring out exactly what you want to do “for the rest of your life” when it comes to work.  But chances are what you expected would be your dream job actually is the job from hell.  By the time you hit your thirties, it is more likely that you will be set in your career and will have the ability to dedicate more of your free time to your passions like building a future with your significant other or starting a family.

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