Everything Wrong With The Game of Thrones Finale

Game of Thrones Finale

More than half of the world is currently in a dilemma. Some are distraught over the end of their all time favorite series, Game of thrones, while some are outraged over the way it ended. I personally belong to the latter one.

Before we move further, SPOILER ALERT for those who still haven’t watched it yet

Back in April 2011, there was a huge fiasco over HBO’s new medieval fantasy Game of Thrones. The first season itself was listed as the most anticipated show of the year and was viewed around 3 million times and with 91% rating aka 8.37 out of 10 on Rotten Tomatoes!!

Continuing the legacy, by the time season 7 ended, the viewer number averaged at over 30 million per episode across all platforms mainly with an average of 93% rating.

Season eight, the final season of our favorite show is unfortunately the only season with more than one episode declared “rotten” by the critics. Over all the rating fell down to 67% with the last two episodes attracting as low as 47%. Outrageous, no? While millions of fans are busy signing a petition for a remake of the final season, lets look over things that went south during the Finale.

What happened to R+L=J

Back in the citadel, Samwell Tarly put two and two together after risking his whole career and figured out Jon Snow’s true lineage. Daenerys Targaryen; mother of dragons, breaker of chains, the stormborn, begged a bastard not to reveal his true identity. Varys, the whisperer, who has served more kings and queens than anyone lost his life revealing Jon’s claim to the throne. Most of Brans visions revolved around disclosing Jon’s parentage. All for what? Jon snow was still not named Aegon Targaryen and no one except Tyrion and the Starks know about it!

Whats north of the north?

“There’s still a nights watch?” asks Jon Snow when he’s informed about his exile. Same Jon, same. Now that the white walkers are gone, free folk are family and  the winter has ended, whats the use of a castle full of men in black dresses banished as punishment to serve at a widespread wall? What do the night-swatch protect the kingdoms from?

A girl got played

Have you ever memorized books after books for an exam but the questions are actually pretty basic? Well that’s what happened to our dear Arya Stark. Almost whole of season five and six, Arya is found preparing to be no one. She has to go through training  by the Faceless man himself until she’s ready to leave the house of black and white. During so she even loses her sight temporarily and receives several wounds. But what does she get out of two seasons of struggle? Slaughtering Walder Frey and his men only?

Where is the Gore?

The reason apart from the plot itself, that Game of Thrones managed to attract such a large scale audience was the aspect of gore. Throughout the previous seasons, bloodshed has been highly focused on while filming the drama. From crushing Oberyns skull, beheading Ned Stark, pouring lava on Viserys to Danny chewing on raw meat, Game of Thrones is well known for making us naseseous. However the latest season has no whatsoever scene where you feel like throwing your guts out.

Hey where is the romance???

More importantly than gore, romance in GOT was probably the most explicit and thrilling element to watch. Let it be incest, first times or a whores nights in, these scenes probably had everyone aroused. Famous for its adult content, Game of Thrones was rated R pg-13. However to be honest the latest season pretty much killed the thrill. The sex in season eight left a lot of fans disgusted and unimpressed specially after Arya banged Gendry. Plus,s the whole season was pretty much Danny trying to lure Jon, with the latter backing off.

Also hey, we still wanna know what Podrick did to those whores!!

Who has a better story than Bran?

Umm well almost everyone?! Brandon Stark, the guy who sat on a wheel chair for seven seasons, dragged by different people every season, rolling up his eyes and wandering off in the past while other protect him and die for his almost the whole effing time, only to be crowned as the king!! What the ****

Everytime someone came upto him, Bran told them he’s no longer Brandon Stark, the lord of Winterfell, he’s the three eyed raven and as soon as he’s being crowned as king of the seven kingdoms and suddenly he is finally Bran again? Well played sir.

Besides what is he expected to do? If anyone comes to him all he has to say is “What has to happen will happen” despite knowing the exact consequences of peoples decisions!!

Long night was not so long

So the entire seven seasons revolved around the context; Winter is coming. When winter finally came, it ended as soon as it started. Long night was not so long after all. So the night king comes with millions and millions of wights and a mere girl is able to puncture him in the guts. What was the use of those creepy long haired lieutenants from night kings army? What was the purpose of the night king? Why did he want to kill Bran?

The mad queen

Personally in satisfied with the way Cersie and Jamie died buried under burdens of their deeds , together in the womb together in the tomb. However Danny who has always been the generous breaker of chains, spent seasons to prove that she’s not her father, suddenly becomes the ruthless mad queen and burns the entire city down to ashes? Then she dies by a simple kiss and is taken away by Drogon. Yes that was an iconic scene where Drogon senses her death but what happens after that? Drogon elopes with her corpse in its claws never to be seen again. Where did the stormborn end up? Well I guess no one knows…

Despite the flaws, Game of Thrones still remain one of our favorite TV shows to air of all times. An era of nudity, carnage, politics and romance. We might be sad at the finale’s hustle but hey at-least we get to see Jon finally embracing Ghost. Poor boy deserves better!!

Don’t lose hopes though folks, George RR Martin’s still there to save our day!

Till then lets just sit back and wait for the books to come out and we can finally put the all glorious Game of Thrones to an end.

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