Inner Peace

Exercises That Can Keep Your Brain Healthy

Appreciating your inner beauty is the most important thing that a person needs to do in his life. Many people spend their entire life trying to figure out what they are and what have they been looking for their entire life. Many answer these questions for themselves and many fail to answer.

Now, if you ever got in touch with your inner goddess, then there is a chance that your artistic personality is at the right path. There is nothing more you need. You are happy with your current situations, you have positivity surrounding you.

If you feel restless, ashamed of yourself or you think there is something missing from your life, then you need to review a few fundamentals of livings. You can always consult a psychologist for help but if you think you’re too lazy for that, we’ve got something in store for you!

First and the most important task: appreciate the very fact that you are willing to keep your brain healthy.

Not everyone is thinking about mind peace and a very few people like to revisit the fact that there might be something wrong with their brain. Do you ever feel like your brain has lost its original capacity to think and comprehend knowledge?

If not then you should start from now. Better late than never, start by appreciating the fact that you are concerned about your brains health. Start by acknowledging the fact that you want to keep your brain healthy.

Now and then, every single thing in this universe needs help, this time it’s your brain not Thanos. Make yourself a promise that from this day forward, every decision you take will help your brain get healthier.  


Your brain needs some exercise as well. (it is a physical organ and any physical change affects the internal thoughts, hence exercising would bring you better and positive effects)

This must be sounding weird to you, you must be thinking how in the world are you supposed to exercise a muscle that can not move. Well don’t worry, exercising your brain does not mean that you need to start push ups with your brains.

Keeping in your brain in a frequent pace is very important and that is what is meant by exercising your brain. You can start by reading thing which interest you, or start by keeping your brain indulged in different activities.


Challenge your brain by doing healthy, sharp and engaging activities. (puzzles, solving mysteries)

According to recent findings, people who play puzzle games and specifically Tetris, they have a higher IQ level and their brain’s work more efficiently compared to others. There are several games present for smartphones.

You can always take 15-20 minutes out of your busy schedule to play these fun games. Apart from being a boost for your brain, they also help to reduce your stress level which is amazing.

Tetris is a very old game, block building game, as it gets faster with time, enabling your brain to think faster and faster. Resulting in your brain working faster and more efficiently as you unlock higher levels.


Allow yourself to be social once in a while but only in ways that are in your interest. (keep track of your own likes and dislikes rather than losing yourself while being social)

Always in your life, there has been a guy or a girl in your class who is quite famous and social around the campus, also they manage to score better than you. This is a killer, I swear. Anyways according to research people who are social, have a high tendency to learn new things. Their mind is always comprehending new experiences, resulting in their brain to exercise and function better than others.

Try to interact with people of your likes, indulge in healthy conversations. Talk about the stuff you like to talk about. Let people know what you read online, let them know how much intellectual you are. Your brain likes to be glorified.  

Get an adequate amount of sleep (7-9 hours at night)

Okay this might sound like a parenting class but honestly, sleeping does help. You might feel like believing in primitive concepts is as foolish as believing an old wives tale but trust me, sleeping can reduce your stress level by 59% and help your mind function better.

Sleeping at night causes REM. REM is a cycle which your brain runs at night, enabling you to visualize dreams and while your brain is showing you wonders, it is also recording all your subconscious. In short, while you sleep properly, your brain nourishes itself and boosts your memory.

Keep a healthy diet.

The best part of this world and existing is getting to eat all these delights. Eat a healthy diet, consult a doctor if you have to. Make sure you are having enough protein. Protein keeps your body healthy and less salt intake as high salt intake which might have strange effects on your brain.

Try to eat as many vegetables you can. Vegetables have vitamins and other minerals which nourish our brain. Eat a limited amount of chocolate, chocolate has zinc which is very efficient for your brain.

Apart from all this, go out and try different cuisines. Exercise your brain with new tastes and new experiences. Those taste-buds deserve every kind of food that is available on this planet, except for cockroaches, they are gross.


Start training yourself to be more productive and spend less time worrying. (It takes 21 days to build a habit)

It is okay to let go of your problems for a while and just know that it will all settle down at the end of the day.

Everything takes time to settle down. Your body tries to repel change but it is not immune to change. It is okay if day 1 was good and the next day you don’t feel like following a routine, it is completely human. Just don’t give up, keep trying to follow the guidelines.

Human body and mind take 3 weeks to settle with a habit, keep striving and before you know it, following these guidelines, your brain will start functioning at a faster rate.

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