Facebook launched dating feature in app

For a long time, people were compelled to make a decision as to whether or not they like someone based on a static Facebook profile.

But if you had always been looking to find real love through doing the things you love; surfing the internet and connecting with friends and loved ones, here’s good news.

Facebook now makes it easier for you to start meaningful relationships through things you have in common, like shared interests, groups or events. The best part is that it’s so simple.

You only have to create a dating profile to have an authentic look at who your potential dating partners are.

One very unique and interesting aspect of the “Facebook Dating” feature is the integration of Instagram posts directly into the Facebook dating profile, giving people the ability to add followers to their secret crush list.

Facebook has also promised that before the end of the year, they will make it possible to integrate both Facebook and Instagram stories into the dating profile; a captivating way to be more authentic by showing, rather than telling who you really are.

Because finding a romantic partner is a deeply personal adventure, the Facebook team worked with experts in relationship to make the feature safe, secure, inclusive and opt-in.

Security and privacy were the bedrock of this product from the very start. Built-in protections include the ability to report and block anyone, prohibit people from sending photos, links, videos or payments through messages, and providing broad access to safety tips.


Apart from your main Facebook profile, If you are 18 years or older, you can choose to opt into Facebook Dating by downloading the most recent version of Facebook and creating a dating profile.

Upon doing this, you will almost immediately be suggested to others who have also opted in, based on your preferences, interests and activities on Facebook.

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The dating feature is different because you don’t have to just swipe through profiles, waiting for someone who likes you to reach out.

You can easily tap the like button or comment directly on their profile to let them know that you like them. If you however are not interested, you can easily pass on them.

Facebook dating also expands your potentials by matching you with friends of friends and other people who were initially not on your friend list.

However, Facebook won’t match you with friends unless you choose to use the secret crush feature and you both add each other to your lists. All dating activities stay in Facebook dating and would not be shared to the rest of Facebook.


1. Creating Your Dating Profile is Simpler Than Ever

Feedback generated from people who have been using Facebook dating shows that creating a Facebook dating profile is easier than ever.

With one tap, Facebook suggests information and photos from your main Facebook profile, which is editable or removable. You can also do away with Facebook’s auto-suggestion and create your own profile from scratch.

2. Sharing Details of Your Date is Safe and Secure

Through messenger, you can share details of your upcoming date and/or live location with someone you trust.

You will be able to control whether or not to choose to use this feature. If you do, you are totally in control of who you share your information with

3. Find People with Similar Interests in Events and Groups

People who are using Facebook Dating that fit your preferences can be found within the groups you are part of and the events you have attended or will be attending.

You will be visible to these people if you choose to see them.

4. Instagram Posts Can be Added to Your Facebook Dating Profile

Build a better dating profile by adding Instagram posts to your profile. This will make it easier to show aspects of your life to others and find shared connections that spark conversations.

This integration makes your dating profile more appealing.

5. Secret Crush Lets you Match with People you Already Know on Facebook and/or Instagram

By default, you are not able to explore potential romantic relationships within your circles, like your Facebook friend list and your Instagram circles.

However, the secret crush feature allows you to match with up to nine of your Facebook friends or Instagram followers by selection. To match your Instagram followers, you must connect your Instagram account to Facebook Dating.

If your crush has opted-in for Facebook dating, they’ll get a notification stating that someone has a crush on them. If they also add you to their secret crush list, then it’s a match.

However, if your crush isn’t on Facebook dating, doesn’t create a secret crush list or doesn’t add you to their secret crush list, then no one will know that you’ve added them to your list.

6. Facebook and Instagram Stories Will Soon Enable You to Connect and Share

Facebook is bringing stories to dating. It’s a fascinating way of showing, rather than telling who you really are.

This feature allows you to be more authentic in a way that a static dating profile cannot. It also allows you to get to know people better before and after you match.

Currently available in 19 other countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, Suriname, Thailand, Uruguay, and Vietnam.

Facebook dating is now fully launched in the United States and will be in Europe and other parts of the world by 2020.

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