Amazing Female Friendly Bachelor Pad Ideas

Men are the epitome of minimalism. If men were left to decide their home décor, they’d go for the most essential items. All they care about is that the items are functional and fill in their bachelor pads. It’s all great until things get serious with the ‘lady friend.’ So guys, if you’re deciding on bringing her home or asking her to move in, keep reading.

Unlike men, women are extremely particular about their abode and honestly spend a lot to maintain a cozy ambiance and overall look. I will let you guys on a little secret. When a woman enters a man’s bachelor pad (not so much anymore), she expects to feel the masculine vibes, and by that, I surely don’t mean that your socks and underwear should be lying around and the gaming console is taking up the central area.

She expects a neutral color palette and things that exude the presence of a man. Not only that, but the place should also be female-friendly like if a woman were to spend a day or so at the place, she shouldn’t feel alienated. If you don’t already know what must be done, let me enlighten you with a few female-friendly bachelor pad ideas. Women love it when men notice little things and make an effort out of their way.

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Bachelor Pad Ideas

If you’re serious about her, you’ve probably got to invest past your bedroom. Here are a few bachelor pad ideas for females to transform your place. Totally kills the purpose, doesn’t it? But you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do if you want to take this relationship going a long way.


  • First of all, it should be clean and hygienic.
  • Secondly, get loads of fresh fluffy towels. Guys, you may need only one towel to wrap around your waist, but women; need a separate towel for everything. Also, place a rug of matching color. Make sure it’s a neutral color like beige or white (perfect royalty for your ‘princess’).
  • Choose a shower curtain that is a deep contrasting color with your bathroom theme. Plain works fine, but a more modern and geometrically patterned curtain would be awesome.
  • When I said minimalistic, I meant it. Guys hardly need storage in a bathroom. At the most, they’ll have a hair gel, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream, and a trimmer. But for women, they’ll need a lot of space for their toiletries. So it’s appreciated if you could clear out a shelf for her or install a new standing tower cabinet.
  • She’s not going to say it but get her a good hairdryer as well. That way, you can prank her too. It would be great if you stocked on her favorite shower gels, shampoos, hand-creams, and make-up remover.
  • Last but definitely not the least, get some scented candles and bath salts. It’s that cherry on top. Make sure the scents are more musky and masculine rather than floral.



Letting your partner enter your room is basically letting them see a more personal aspect of you. So make sure you nail that first impression. Also, you don’t want to kill the romantic mood now, do you?

  • Again, please keep it clean. The laundry basket is where your dirty clothes go, and it should be in a hidden spot.
  • A lot of the time is spent on the bed, I mean, snuggling and watching movies, so it’s best to invest in comfort. Get some throw pillows and dark-colored bed sheets like maybe blue or army green. The colors should be uplifting rather than extremely somber.
  • You’ve got to perfect the aura, which is obviously soothing and romantic. Remember those candles you got for the bathroom; a few could work here too. Choose scents that are natural like those of freshly-washed sheets.
  • Lighting can have a significant impact on the overall mood. Using lamps, lights, or fairy lights, it’s up to you.
  • Get a few plants for your bedroom. It is one of the most fantastic bachelor pad ideas; doctors say it also helps you sleep well.


Save some action for the kitchen as well. Don’t jump to conclusions; I was talking about cooking. Women may show that all they eat is salads, but honestly, they’re one of the greatest food critics and love a man who has good culinary skills.

  • Dirty dishes and an unkempt kitchen is a complete bummer. Clean those counters for some action.
  • Stack some good cookbooks so that both of you can cook together. Learn a few classic kitchen stunts to impress your girl.
  • The fridge should look enticing just like it does at 3 in the morning. Clean the refrigerator and throw away items growing new life.
  • You’d be amazed to know that there are a lot of kitchen gadgets that can be a huge help. Get new storage racks if you think the cabinet space is running out.
  • The walls should be a refreshing and brightly colored with under the cabinet lights to keep the counters well lit. Also, install some amazing backsplash. Those add such an extra pop to the aesthetics.

Living room

A gentleman is smooth in his actions. First, let her get comfy with you over a few glasses of champagne before you take her to your bedroom. Here are some attractive bachelor pad ideas for females you could apply for your living room.

  • Decide on a neutral theme with bold and masculine contrasts. Get your sofas and furniture sets in dark brown, grey, or black color. Make sure to casually throw in some soft bright-colored pillows and a velvety blanket for snuggling.
  • The living room is usually the well-lit room, but you should always have the option to switch to a more softly lit room to get that romantic vibe.
  • Get a book rack. Books can be an easy ice-breaker, and who doesn’t love a smart, sexy man?
  • Music – that’s just what you need to complete the look. Go for more slow and classical music or any of her favorites than your everyday rock and pop.
  • I know men don’t give a lot of attention to decorations and all, but it can really help elevate the overall feel. Place intrinsic and simple decorative items, maybe something with optical illusions.

That sure seems a lot of effort to keep your girl by your side, but honestly, these are just the first impressions. We all know how it’s like once both of you get comfortable with each other. Also, guys, it’s unnecessary to achieve a spick and span look just a clean look. Don’t overdo it and make it look like the place was never in use. Make sure it’s female-friendly but a bachelor pad nevertheless.

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