The First Thing You See In This Image Reveals Your Deepest Unconscious Fear

Why do you “fear?”

This is your body’s natural response to something that you are not sure about. There are times when our unsolved emotions cause us to feel fearful of the things that we do not understand.

You are going to be shown a picture with different items on it, try to concentrate and see which one you notice first. Take note that the picture itself has a subliminal image of a skull, so it will cause your mind to act fearful of the image.

You might become surprised with how useful this psychoanalysis is. Just look at the picture and focus on the first thing that you will see.

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Now that you have already seen the picture, what is the first thing that you noticed?

1. Little Girl

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If in case you saw the little girl first, this may signify that you have experienced something in your childhood that you are trying your best to repress. Different events in your life have marked you as a person.

The relationship that you have with your mother can make a difference with the type of emotional development that you will have. If you were not particularly close to your mom when you were growing up, this might have marked you as a person.

There are times when the trauma that you have experienced is not directly from your childhood but something you had experienced when you were still a baby or during your delivery.

2. Butterfly

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While you may think that the butterfly is an active symbol, this is the time when it can connote something negative. The butterfly can signify the beginning and the ending of something. There is a big possibility that you have remembered an opportunity in your life that you could have reached but you were not able to do that.

Since the butterfly is a symbolism of an end and a beginning, there is a possibility that you fear death. You fear that you are going to the other side and there is a possibility that you would just stop living. There is a chance that you are repressing feelings of sadness because of the people you love who have gone to the other side.

3. Strawberries

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Noticing the strawberry may be easy for you to do because it is placed smack in the center of the image. The center always represents the heart, so there is a possibility that you had had problems with how love was shown in your household when you were younger.

If you had a terrible heartbreak when you have first gotten in love, this might be one of the reasons that you have to do. The size of the strawberry shows that you have a lot of love in your heart and you want to give it. At the same time, you feel that you should suppress your emotions because you might get punished in the process.

4. Spider

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There are a lot of people who hate spiders. When you feel fear, this is your defense mechanism so that you can be more aware of the things that are happening around you. The spider may signify that you do not think that your current surroundings are safe.

Growing up, you may have felt that you are always unsafe and you have to be aware of the things that are happening around you all the time. There is a chance that you over think everything that is going on in your life. You typically become anxious, and you panic when you are in an unfamiliar place.

5. Trees

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There are a lot of people who draw trees whenever they are troubled about something. A lot of individuals frequently become anxious when they have to decide about something. Seeing the tree means that you are going through an inner conflict that you want to resolve at the soonest possible time.

There are times when you would see both the trees at the same time. This means that you fear the emotional split. You are sometimes afraid that there are some things that you want to show. If you have some uncertainties and you may realize these things. It can be different though when someone else tells you that there is something in you that is conflicting.

6. Teddy Bear

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If it is the teddy bear that you have seen, you know that this is the item that you had used a lot when you were younger. When you were younger, and you hugged your teddy bear, you frequently feel like you are being understood even by just your teddy bear.

You have to realize that the teddy bears on the picture are somewhat different looking. This means that they may not be able to give you the comfort that you need. There may be something that had happened to you when you were a child. You may have experienced a situation wherein you felt fearful, and nothing was able to stop your fear. You have just suppressed the feeling.

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