Five Affirmations to Help Empaths Create Boundaries

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One of the biggest challenges for any empath is that they consistently have to prove and explain everything to other people. This often makes you think, why you must have to do this while when it comes to other people, it only takes a few minutes to know what they are feeling and thinking.

Even after being an empath for several years you would continue to have the trouble to fall into a similar situation of this expectation: ‘Maybe they understand my emotions’.

This leads to a point where you can only being the one who fixes everyone else’s emotions but who is do that for you?

There are certain affirmations to understand and help you keep boundaries between your own and other’s sh*t:

1) You don’t have to fix everything for everyone. You can feel this person’s misery, but there is a lesson in it for them. If you jump in, you are depriving them of valuable learning.

2) What they are feeling is none of your business. You can feel it, but it’s none of your business. Allow them the privacy you would want. Don’t be an emotional peeping Tom!

3) You have to remember that just because you can read everything they’re thinking and feeling, it doesn’t mean they can read you. You must accept others for who they are. We are all just human.

4) You release what is not yours to feel.

5) This too shall pass. This too shall pass. You can breathe and you can release. This too shall pass. And besides, it’s not even yours. Give it back with love and a hug.

The most important lesson for us is that we need to let others have their own experiences. When we place ourselves in the role of emotional buffer we are depriving others of very crucial lessons for their own evolution.

There is a lesson in everything.

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Originally published in Elephant Journal

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