Does Diet Affect Your Dreams? Food that Causes Bad Dreams

Does diet affect your dreams?

Dreams are the reality of us, what we cannot be and what we cannot have, we name it as our dreams. For example, my dream is to drive a Bugatti and rest on the beaches of Los Angeles, for you, your dreams might be to be the biggest entrepreneur or to be the richest man on this planet.

Dreams differ from person to person and there is no logical explanation behind the dreams we have, which has been proven to us by science.

The cognitive approach of dreams is to fulfil the REM cycle which enables humans to secure their memories and keep them forever. The better you sleep, the better you remember day to day chores.

People have been labelling bad dreams as a result of what we eat and it has been driving many of crazy. Let’s dig deep into what people say and how much of it is true.

It is believed that eating spicy food causes bad dreams and dreams have been studied over centuries and no one has been able to crack open the mystery of dreams.

Many customs say that dreaming about snakes or poisonous animals or insects are interconnected with people who are trying to harm you.

If you see a snake in your dreams and you live in India, you will be told that you are about to be stabbed in the back by the people you trust the most.

So let’s just settle that interpretation of dreams depend upon the customs you are brought up in.

Spicy food that causes bad dreams!

When I read about this particular custom, I was lost in oblivion and reliving the moments I had a bad dream and what I ate prior to those bad dreams.

To be honest, most of my bad dreams were caused because of my wife’s 24/7 whining and rambling. So, trust me, that isn’t a good food to jump start your night with.

Spicy foods such as alfredo pasta, pizzas, mexican food are accused to cause bad dreams. Now we need to signify the difference between bad dreams and nightmares.

While talking about bad dreams we are talking about horrific dreams which cause uneasiness not the dreams which scare the bejesus out of us.

Nightmares are mostly related to ghosts and the unseen horrors, which are caused due to overthinking the existence of ghosts around us.

So if you have a habit of dreaming about ghosts before you go to sleep, it is better to divert your mind at that time and think of things which help us calm down. I try to watch baby videos on Facebook and it works for me all the time.

So, after reading an article about spicy food, I decided to do a little experiment on me. So, I ordered pizza, pasta and all the spices I could get for dinner.

As I woke up the next morning without having a dream at all, I decided to keep trying and the very next day I saw a person trying to murder me in my dreams and I had seen the famous movie The Mulholand Drive the very night this happened.

So, yes, the theory proved itself to be true for a night. However, when I looked up this scenario and read more about this phobia developing in me.

I found out that spicy food has nothing to do with bad dreams and it’s just the thoughts you go to bed with.

This might be very upsetting for the people who were rooting for spicy food to cause bad dreams but trust me I spent three nights researching about this very topic.

Do dairy products cause weird dreams?

Well if you mean wet dreams when you are referring to weird dreams, you are correct to some extent. But the link is not direct, the possibility might be higher than others.

Dairy products and fluids increase your metabolism, resulting in excess making of semen in men, hence the process takes place making you have wet dreams since your body needs to release the tension increasing in your body.

Hence, dairy products cause weird dreams. This theory is only acceptable if you are not having intercourse on a regular basis. If you are having intercourse on a regular basis, it is more likely that you don’t have wet dreams about people around you.

These dreams signify your sexual orientation and define who you are.

Many people are afraid of having such dreams and they think that there is something wrong with them. To be honest, this is quite normal for anyone who has been having wet dreams since the sexual tension is building up in you.

Naturally your body finds a way to release the sexual tension, resulting in a proper functioning healthy body.

According to another custom, people have reported to have very weird dreams after having dairy products and trust me these ain’t normal wet dreams.

One girl, around 19 years old, reported to be dreaming as a monkey each time she had dairy products before going to sleep. I was so tangled when I read about this weird incident.

I guess there is no simple explanation about dreams and the most abrupt yet the most meaningful logical explanation to dreams is that we dream of our deepest desires.

Now if her deepest desire is to be a monkey, may God help ease her problems.


After researching about this certain topic, I’m just intrigued to find out the food which helps us lucid dream. What if bad food helps us lucid dream and we haven’t been doing that lately? God knows this mystery.

I just want the flower from Blank Panther so that I can dream of fighting like him. Please don’t take my poor attempt at satire personally, since I have repeatedly mentioned that all of this is based on customs and we actually believe in.

The more you believe in ghosts, the more scared you are of them, simple as that.

According to Scientific Research, This Is What Your Dreams Actually Mean

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