foods that keep you awake at night

Are you someone who waits for the eleventh hour to get done with tasks?

If yes then you must have stayed up during nights to complete your syllabus a week before exams or assignments hours before the due date. Or maybe you do night shifts simply.

However, for all these things, not dozing off is a challenge that not everyone can surpass.

All food items have a different chemical makeup. It follows that some of them might be better for your overall energy and wakefulness than others.

When looking for energy-boosting foods, you should avoid simple carbohydrates, like pasta, or anything with a ton of sugar that will make you feel charged and energetic for a short time, then lead to a crash down an hour later.

The best yet the most energizing foods are those that are easily metabolized. Also, those which work to aid you in converting your nutrition into energy, rather than getting in the way of that process.

Here are some foods that keep you awake at night, without lowering your energy.

1. Try Sneaking Some Salmon into Your Salad for A Protein-Packed Boost

Salmon is full of omega-3 fatty acids, which is easily convertible by the body into energy and is used to build muscles as well. Adding a piece of salmon into your salad is a great way to get a higher energy protein fix, and to ensure you won’t feel super sleepy immediately after having dinner.

2. Aged Cheese is Likely to Wake Your Brain Up in No Time

Although this one’s a little bit counter-intuitive, eating a small portion of aged cheese might just perk you with benefits when you need them the most. According to the Women’s Health, in aged or fermented food you can find an amino acid called tyramine, which stimulates the brain to help one feel more awake and energized.

It’s just the excuse you have been waiting to throw a cheese and crackers party at work — or maybe just to treat yourself.

3. Dark Chocolate Helps You Focus

Yep, you read it correctly. Chocolate might actually be a good snack idea in this scenario, but it comes with a catch: the chocolate has to be dark, very dark. The darker it is, the wider your eyes open.

According to NY TIMES, dark chocolate can be disruptive to your sleep. That is because it has a high cocoa concentration, which helps in decreasing feelings of stress, along with increasing your overall energy levels and also the ability to focus. So, go forth, you’ve earned yourself a bar of chocolate, that too by being exhausted, that only!!

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4. Chia Seeds, They Help You to Stay Hydrated

The more you keep hydrated, the more awake you’ll feel. This is why chia seeds are actually a great snack option. Chia seeds are likely to hold up to 10 times their weight in water, which will help in retaining the water you have drunk and are already drinking throughout the day. Moreover, chia seeds are full of protein and fiber, so you’ll be sure to get that energy boost without having to crash afterward.

5. Almonds Are Also an Easy Way to Keep Energy Levels Up

A handful of almonds is just the easiest and the most convenient snack you’ll have to plan. Except that it’s also an amazing strategy to wave off fatigue in the middle of the night. Harvard Health says that almonds are packed with healthy, monounsaturated fats, that will help you to keep your energy levels high at a steady pace.

6. Leafy Greens Have Got All the Vitamins You Need to Stay Awake

Kale, chard and watercress along with other leafy greens are filled with vitamins C and K, as well as calcium and beta-carotene, that all help to keep up your energy levels. Eating a big bowl of salad along with some spinach on top is a fantastic option for both your energy levels and your taste buds.

7. Research Says Bananas Work Better Than Energy Drinks

According to a 2012 study, that was published in the journal PLOS ONE, in your overall performance and energy levels, bananas give you a better boost than literal energy drinks can. Make sure to carry one with you to your desk every time as a strategy to save yourself when you begin flagging.

In case you get sick of bananas, for what it’s worth, pears have also indicated to have a similar effect as bananas when it comes to keeping us awake.

8. Edamame Will Pick You Up from Your Midnight Slump

Every excuse to eat something sushi-related is good enough for people like me. If you’re as into Japanese food as one can be, then you’ll be delighted to know that edamame is a great energy-boosting snack for the mid-night slump.

According to Organic Authority, edamame is full of fiber, fol-ate, and is an unprocessed form of soy, all of which come together to form an energy-boosting supplement.

With that being said, remember no food can help you if you don’t sleep properly. No matter when but good 8-hour sleep is a must for anyone who wants to process effectively and stay awake whether during the day or at night!

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