7 Fun Hobbies to Take Up This Summer

Fun Hobbies to Take Up This Summer

Summers are here! However, with the quarantine, it is hard to carry out most of the plans you made, and your social life has probably taken a hit. So how do you spend this summer? It is time to take up some hobbies! And this article will help you find some interesting hobbies to take up this summer.

Whenever you think about hobbies for summer vacation, everyone always recommends the same things: read a book, pick up the guitar, etc. So why not spice it up a bit and make your life more interesting.

The Kalimba

Kalimba is based on African thumb pianos. It mostly consists of a wooden soundboard with steel keys that the player presses and releases with their thumb to make a soft tinkling sound. It can have 5 to 17 keys and it depends on which one you want to play.

It will not disturb your neighbors and is lightweight enough that you can carry it to a park easily and get playing. It is one of the easier instruments to play and there are a ton of free tutorials online including popular song covers! So, if you love soft light music, this is definitely for you to play on the relaxing beach waves.

The Kalimba


Gastronomy is the art of making and eating good food. Everyone loves food but now it is time to make this an activity! There are so many different types of food, from noodles to desserts. Pick one category and make every variation of that dish. Not only will this brush up on your cooking skills, but you will dive into a whole new world of recipes that others may have never eaten before.

If you are talking noodles, then you get to experience making Carbonara (Italian), Ramen (Japanese), Chow mein (Chinese), and Jajangmyeon (Korean black bean noodles) including so many other types of noodle dishes from different cultures around the world.


Fitness Program

fitness program

It is time to get to know your body. Having a freer more stretched body can make you feel active and boost your self-confidence. This summer explore a variety of different workout programs and see which one you like and is fun to do.

You do not have to do Yoga if that is not your style. Why not try Zumba, Pilates, or kickboxing? If you love to dance you might try Zumba, Bokwa, or pole fitness. Be it dance, cardio or aerobics, as long as you have fun and open up your muscles it is worth it! So, take out your tights and shoes and start moving.

Mundane Photography

Mundane Photography

You do not need a high-quality expensive camera; your phone is good enough. You do not even need models or beautiful landscapes. Mundane Photography is finding beauty in the everyday simple objects around you.

So now is the right time to create that Instagram blog you always wanted to! Show the world what you see, one picture at a time. Even something as simple as the paint on your wall counts.


Have you ever wanted to be a cartoon character? What perfect time to find your ideal self then the summers? Not only that, now you have the freedom to experiment with different styles. Styles ranging from clothes to hair to makeup, even shoes. You get to make a whole new version of you.

During this activity, you will learn so much about yourself. What colors you like, what kind of styles you rock, and what style statement is truly yours. Couple that with a skin and hair care routine and you are your own beautician. It is the self-love era and you should not miss out.



Do you love nature or flowers? Does looking at greenery calm your mind? Then why not engage with it and live this experience. There are many different types of gardens such as veggie gardens or butterfly gardens. If you love seeing flowers, then you will want to plant different beautiful flowers. If you like trees, you would love to care for a bonsai tree.

You do not need a lot of space or even a huge backyard. There are so many different types of indoor gardening ideas out there that just a little dedication will serve you a long way. But if you have space then you go ahead a buy a gardening kit to start your new hobby!

Learn about a culture

Sure, people learn a new language as a hobby but want to know how you can take it a step ahead? By learning everything associated with that language. Even if you learn a new language, oftentimes you are not able to understand the phrases and the connotations they carry. There are a lot of references you miss out on.

So supposedly you have decided to learn Korean. There are free courses out there from where you can learn the language but what else can you do to make your experience more fulfilling? Deep dive into their art and music. Art and music beautifully represent a culture.

Not only would you jam to K-pop but there is so much in terms of Korean entertainment including dramas and movies that you would enjoy the whole ride. Even their variety shows will get you hooked. Learning about a new culture is being immersed into a whole new world.

And here comes the best part, food! Yes, FOOD! The cuisine of every other culture might not suit your taste buds but learning about it will surely make you curious. You may just start searching for any local place to serve you delicious Bibimbap (Korean mixed rice).

Korean mixed rice

In the end, just remember to have fun. All these activities are there to keep you entertained and relax. If something gets too hard, it is okay to take a break or try something different. This is not a competition and you do not have to prove yourself to anyone. This is for you and yourself only.

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