Game of Thrones Takes an Unexpected Turn This Week!

Game of Thrones

Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t seen episode 4 of the running season of Game of Thrones, it’s best you skip this article.

After the great battle, fans were quite disappointed since the build up of this specific battle took eight seasons and it all ended in one episode! Our favorite Arya Stark killed the Night King with a single blow. Amazing as the scene was, Arya has become a hero she never wanted to be. Fans say Brandon knew she’d be the one to kill the Night King and that is why he handed her the dagger.

Anyways, this episode was a build for episode 5. So let’s look at this episode called “The Last Of Starks” with a microscope. As we all know that Jon Snow is someone else, he a Targaryen and his identity has been kept a secret from Westeros and all for his own safety.

Jon’s real name is Aegon Targaryen, the last male heir of the Targaryens. His presence questions the rule of Daenerys, Storm Born, so one thing is for sure that one of these people will claim the throne by the end of the season.  

Gendry blew it all up

We all remember Gendry, bastard of Robert Baratheon, who nailed our princess Arya Stark in the last episode. He came out as a hero in episode 4 and was granted the surname Baratheon by the Queen Daenerys herself. After this he made sure he was his father’s son, so he decided to get shot down by a Stark girl.

You should see all the memes drawing the similarities between Lyanna Stark and Arya Stark, they are hilarious!

God I love the internet

Jon shares his secret but Sansa has no regard for his secret

Ned once said “Daughters are harder than wars”, and I guess I know what he meant. Jon finally revealed his identity by telling his sisters who really was. Let’s just say he shouldn’t have, since Daenerys didn’t want him to, as it would not be in her favor and all her troubles would go in vain.

After finding out about Jon, Sansa knowing his claim, decided to share his secret to her husband Tyrion Lannister. This was cold, Sansa, really cold. It was quite evident from the beginning that Sansa didn’t fancy Daenerys but she should’ve valued her relationship with Jon.

We really shouldn’t give secrets away which are not ours to give!

Tyrion and Varys are trying to plot against their Queen

I would not say that they are plotting her death but yes, they know that Jon has a better claim to the throne. They also acknowledged that Jon would be the best of Kings, to ever live and rule Westeros. The integrity of the seven kingdoms is at stake right now. Lord Varys thinks Jon is the most suitable candidate for ruling while Tyrion reminds him that we should not discuss this.

Anyway, when Varys asked Tyrion who the better rule would be, Tyrion seemed to be on the same page as Varys!

People are sad about Ghost’s ending

Ghost has been loyal to the Starks and has helped them in many difficult situations. However, Jon sent him away to real North, beyond the wall. He said that he belongs there.

Everyone on the internet is sad about his ending and the way he was sent away. In my opinion, this isn’t the ending. Season hasn’t ended and who knows what the writers have planned for us.

Nobody is talking about the dead Dragon!

This is really bothering a lot of people. People are talking about Ghost, Gendry and what will happen now but no one is noticing the fact that Daenerys only has one dragon left.

Well to remind you, one of her dragons were taken by the Night King and the second was shot down by the Cersei’s army. Now she only has one Dragon left and by the looks of it, Daenerys seems to be in trouble. They made her dragon look like a joke on the big screen.

One more thing, Missandei is dead, she was killed in cold blood by Cersei, damn we hate this woman! We all feel sorry for Grey Worm, since he loved her regardless of being an unsullied.

Who will take the throne?

Now this question has kept fans tangled in their theories over the past few weeks. Since we all know Jon and Daenerys are the only Targaryens left and if Daenerys takes over the throne who is to rule?

Some fans say that Jon and Daenerys will get married and rule together. This will be the most strong alliance between the north and the south.

Some fans are saying that Daenerys will die soon enough and Jon or Aegon will take over the throne. This theory seems to be more realistic given the prior experiences of the show, since nothing ever happens the way fans are wanting it to happen. Writers of the show have their own way of ending the season and have a bad history when it comes to killing favorite characters.

Someone special has lost her virginity and it’s not Arya!

Brienne of Tarth lost her virginity and it just messed up with fans really bad. After celebrating the victory, dashing Lannister, Jamie decided to knock her door up after knowing that she is still a virgin and then they have their own steamy scene.

What happens to the Starks now?

Who will be the Lord of Winterfell now? Well by the looks of it, Jon isn’t a Stark so he might not get to be the King in the North or the Lord of Winterfell after all. Brandon has acknowledged all the knowledge there is and he doesn’t want to be the Lord of Winterfell, renouncing his claim he also said that he is no more a Stark, he is the three eyed raven.

After Arya leaving to get Cersei to justice, it is obvious that there will be no Lord of Winterfell, however, we still have a Lady of Winterfell and she is none other than Sansa Stark!

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