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Generation Z and Workplace Struggle

It’s a struggle for workforces to follow generation Z work ethic and various demands to enhance the level of communication and engagement today. Although the organizations are always trying to meet up with the expectations of their new and existing employers, it’s also challenging to attract and retain millennials at the same time.

Most of the employers agree that Generation Z’s struggle in the workplace is real. They need dynamic exposure, creativity, their own confined spaces, and diversity to experience a cool and innovative work environment where they can see their future.

Therefore, employers with old methods and techniques have to understand Generation Z workplace expectations and need to transform their workplaces accordingly to meet the demands of their multi-general forces which will expand even more in the future. So, we can say the struggle is equal at the employers’ end too.

Generation Z in the workplace

Since 2015, Generation Z is evolving and becoming more determined to change the future of the organizations and the world. Of course, the percentage of millennials in the workplaces is still increasing as they belong to a mature generation and by 2022, there will be more millennials than Generation Z. But what will happen after 2026? The organizations will experience a spectacular amount of young and mature employees from diverse backgrounds with various needs and expectations, enough to revolutionize their whole business operations and work ethics.

Generation Z in the workplace follows these 5 traits that are visibly clear and require attention too.

Digital Saviors not Digital Warriors:

Generation Z is creative, talented, and most of all they are digital pioneers. This means that they tend to develop their digital means and follow the leading trends that may add some value to the digital world. This generation loves to mess up with old digital ways and make something new out of it rather than just following them.

24/7 Smartphone Service:

IF you can’t find them anywhere around the world, you’ll surely find them on the smartphone screens. This generation tends to build up its values and relationships within the walls of smartphones. They have quick solutions available on their smartphones and they like to work more efficiently while discussing or noting down important things on their smartphones rather than using other devices.

Creativity and Art:

Most of the young people like to sketch, draw, paint, and show their creative work to the world-even sell their work too. They are creative and lovers of art. They know what is eye-catching and attention-grabbing for the audiences. Therefore, they suggest the same level of creativity in the workplace too.


This generation loves to work with dynamic teams in a convivial environment. They always want to collaborate and receive feedback at every stage so they can improve more which is rare to see in traditional company structures. Therefore, they are more accepting and appreciate diversity in the workplace.

More Challenges:

They are risk-takers and want to work in a challenging environment. Whether or not, an organization is challenging, they see more future growth where they can test their limits and expand their skills and knowledge in various domains rather than just specializing in one domain only.

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What Struggles are faced by Generation Z at the workplace?

Of course, every generation has to struggle at some point because they are only humans and human beings are unpredictable creatures. Every human has its own set of demands and expectations from their preferred workplaces. Similarly, Generation Z which is relatively new from other generations and still growing to understand the structures and standards of the organizations have their challenges and struggles to experience during their professional journey.

Since they are still young and new, they get more comfortable working in a welcoming environment where they can process without any rules and work without any pressure. However, the following struggles are faced by Generation Z at the workplace as per their employers.

See the list below;

1. Mental Concerns:

The generation Z is more concerned about their increasing mental issues while the employers are struggling to deal with such issues to create a better future and more work opportunities for Generation Z. Many of the employers understand the thought process of Generation Z and their mental concerns. Therefore, they try to create an atmosphere as welcoming as possible while implementing effective strategies and work ethics to provide some space for them.

2. Financial Stability:

Generation Z has their escape plans and goals in life. They are pro-active people but at the same time, they are spontaneous too. They struggle a tough time to gain financial stability in their lives and even in their career growth. When compared to millennials, they tend to spend more money than save it since they have fewer responsibilities and financial duties to maintain.

3. Existing Policies:

They aren’t happy with conventional work methods and traditional minds at all. They follow a more dynamic and technology-enabled culture where they can promote modern methods and ways to conduct different processes smoothly.

4. Work Values and Ethics:

Employers are also struggling to implement work ethics and values that can generate a fair-play among their employees. Generation Z has more refined expectations from their workplaces which can develop negative skepticism among previous employees sometimes.  Although they love to work with different people and produce greater outcomes, they don’t like it when people step into their confined workspaces. Therefore, this can lead to more problems in the future.

Wrapping up

We all agree that each employee has its workplace struggle story to tell. There are all sorts of workplaces with different work ethics and the environment. Sometimes it’s even hard for millennials to keep up with their workplaces.

Generation Z is still fresh and young. They still have more experiences to gain and more opportunities to work in their favorite fields. They are a bold and ambitious generation with certain goals in mind. Therefore, they might face workplace struggles during their journey but they will overcome it soon

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