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To The Girl Who Loved You, Even Though You Didn’t Deserve Her

You should realize that you ought to be saluted and respected. Despite what people have said about your decisions, you should not be too hard on yourself. You are not stupid. It is the person you loved who is stupid for hurting you.

You should know that loving that person has taken you a lot of courage.

Your bravery has become apparent through loving the person even though you know that he is not deserving of your love. Even if everybody tells you that he is not worth it, you still tried it in the hopes that someday, he would change.

You have decided to stay with him through his ups and downs. You were given all the opportunities to go away and yet you have decided to stay.

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You should be respected for your optimism because you actually believe that people could change. You have hoped that one day, the person will wake up realizing that you are the one who deserves to be loved the most. You have hoped for the day that your efforts will not be wasted.

You have hoped that the person will wake up someday and realize that all of the emotions that you have invested in him are all worth it because he is now reciprocating your efforts. You want the day to come when the person would realize that you are one of the most special people in his life, one of the most important and one who needs to be given the most attention until eventually, you get the love that you deserve.

You have hoped that the person will realize how much he is loved even at his darkest moments. You believed in that person even when he did not believe in himself. You continued to love him and believe in him even if he has never treated you with the kind of care that you deserve.

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You have allowed the person to hold your hand for the warmth even though you know that there is a big possibility that he will let go. You have given him your time and attention even though the only time that he gives you is his most inconvenient. You take what you can get without questioning why.

You have felt sorrow and sadness but on the outside, you have tried to make yourself look relaxed and happy. Even though you know that the person is not always there, you will still accept the person with acceptance and understanding. Every time he wants to meet up with you, you will be there.

You know that he will get bored eventually and leave you but you try your best not to mind too much.

You should be respected for having the ability to still stay true to your feelings even when you feel like you are not being treated well. You continue to stay true to your feelings even when you know that the person will not love you as much as you love him. You know that you love someone who has loved someone before you and can easily replace you and love someone else but you are not the person who will be loved last.

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You have invested your feelings on someone who will never treat you on a proper dinner date with all the best food available. You will be taken to places where you can chill out without having to pay too much. You are with someone who will not make the effort to take you home. Rather, whenever you say goodbye, you are expected to go home on your own. You are with someone who will call you at the most inconvenient times and will never call you when you are free. You are with someone who will not acknowledge how much effort you have invested in him.

You have that part in your heart that will never stop loving and caring for the person. There is a part in you that will never stop hoping that someday, he will eventually see your worth. You allow him to walk all over your heart and break it into many pieces all over and over again yet you always manage to piece them all back together.

You have a belief that someday, he will see you as someone who is worthy of his love. Someone whom he can actually spend his greatest times with. You hope that someday, he will start believing that you are actually meant to be together.

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You should be acknowledged for having the ability to give the person all of you even when you know that you will only be a getting a portion of what you give in return.

You should be respected because you were used just because you have feelings for the person. You choose to forgive the person every time you get hurt. You know that you have been hurt one too many times but you would still choose to put a lot of effort into showing him that he is loved even if there is no certainty that someday, someday, he will finally see you for you.

You should be respected because even though you have had your heart crushed one too many times, you choose to try to make it whole again. You always choose to offer your love even if you know that there is always a possibility that you will get hurt even more. In the end, you will realize that you will choose to give your love to yourself, you will love yourself more in order to end something that is not good for you. You will learn to let go and walk away from what is causing you pain.

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You have loved a person who cannot love you back but the world does not end there. You always have a choice and now that you are making the right choice, I salute you. You have tried to hold on because you believed the very few reasons why your relationship can work.

You love him and you know it. You love him even if you know that he will not be able to reciprocate your feelings. You settle for the tiny amount of “love” you get even if you are not sure if it is actually love. You love him even with all the pain that you are feeling and this spectacular because you chose this path despite it being the hardest path you can take in love.

After all that has occurred, you realize that love is not always happy. Loving someone can give you an immeasurable amount of pain. Yet, you continue to look at love alone in a positive light. You still see it as something good even if others would associate love with all the bad things in life. With all of your bravery, you should realize that you have loved the wrong person but you always get the chance to pick the right one.

Make sure that you still have love inside you that you can share to people who deserve you. Keep on loving. For sure, you will meet someone who will love you the same way eventually.

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