Where Have All The Good Men Gone? The Difficulty of Finding The Right Man, Today

“Where have all the good men gone?”

This is a famous question, often asked by women.

Subsequently, it is also researched and answered by more women. Good men are not being asked their opinion on the subject, and therefore, do not give it. In this article we will get the answer to “where have all the good men gone”?

One hundred years has drastically changed the patriarchy, which is fantastic, but it has shifted the usual roles of men and women. Divorce rates are one thing effected by this. Divorce rates for first marriages are 42 percent in the U.K., 53 percent in the United States, and 71 percent in Belgium.

The divorce rates for any marriage after the first are even worse off. After a divorce, the mother often gets nearly full custody of any children. This, and the fact that they could lose much of what they have, are reasons that men today opt to remain single.

In today’s media, men are becoming jokes.

They are portrayed as immature buffoons who have to be saved by women. The problem is not just the media. Many schools, particularly schools in the U.K., have three or less male teachers. This means young boys could very well go through their entire school career with no male influences. This may also be directly related to why young girls perform better in school.

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The trend follows them into college, and even into their careers.

This only seems fair, seeing as men have always had the upper hand until just recently. It’s well deserved payback. Even if it is fair, men insist on fighting back. This plays into why so many “good men” have disappeared. Women belittle men, and compare them to other men.

Women so often say, “I don’t need a man” which is very well why they may have opted out of relationships. Men are assumed to fear independent and strong women, so they have learned to just not argue it.

So where did all the “good men” go?

They have taken their own course. They are out there, living separately from feminism and the modern fight for equality.

They have become exhausted with the normalization of “dumb” and “useless” men, so they up and left. What can we do to change this? First we have to wake up. If women want to be equal, men must be equal too.

A girl can not kick a boy between the legs, and then say it is wrong for a boy to kick her between the legs. Equal has to be equal. That does not mean emasculating men in the name of feminism and equality. Men have been accepting women as equals for several years now, but women are choosing to ignore it in the name of this third wave of feminism.

How long will it take for this to change? When will the “good men” come back? At the moment, it is impossible to say. Only time will tell. The only certain thing is that they will come back to a different society.

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