Why Happy Couples Post Less About Their Relationship on Social Media

Yes, some people just have to share every little detail about their relationship online. They will post about their romantic dinners, their long walks on the beach, their surprise gifts to each other and their breakfasts in bed. They think that the more they post, the happier they seem.

Because saying “I love you” in Instagram is so much more romantic and loving than saying it to the person in real life? Well, we all have at least a couple of these people on our friend list. Maybe you are one of them?

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But here are five reasons why a happy couple does not share their love on social media as much:

1. They don’t care about other’s opinions or approvals

They know how they feel about each other. They do not need to conform their love through the likes and comments on their social media posts. They do not need other’s to be jealous or happy for them because they are pleased with each other.

2. They are enjoying themselves in real life, not in social media

When you are having fun, you do not think about making insta-worthy pictures and posting them online. You just enjoy yourself and your partner, make each other laugh and spend quality time. This is the reason why happy couples do not post that often because they just forget to take out their phones.

3. They know that a relationship is between TWO people, not 200 or 2000 people

We all know that all days are not the same. Some days you get along fine, sometimes you get along really well and some days are not just your days. You can pick fights and argue over little unimportant things. A mature couple knows that these arguments are private and there is no reason to share them online.

If people are together to just be in a relationship they might post it online and hope to receive sympathy or understanding. It is childish to make one the bad guy and even if the fight is his fault, there is no god damn reason to share this with your friends and acquaintances. If you want drama and gossip, you do not actually care for your partner.

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4. They don’t need validation from others

If a couple needs comments like “you guys are the sweetest”, “your relationship is #goals” etc., they do not have a healthy relationship. A good healthy relationship works outside social media and without it as well. When two people are content with their relationship and do not have any doubts, they do not honestly care what other’s might think about it.

5. They do not need to prove anything

As we all know, one can choose what she/he shows on social media. The same applies to couples of course.  They can only show the gifts, the compliment, the dates and the romantic walks and it may seem like the perfect relationship. This is actually a sign of insecurity. They need to post these pieces of evidence of their happiness; otherwise, they are not sure if they are happy. If your social media feed states your level of happiness, something is actually wrong with you.

This social media era is changed our behaviors a lot. Of course, we all want to share our happy moments with others, but everything has to be in the balance.  Some nights are supposed to stay personal and only between you two. Do not share your whole relationship, do not seek validation or approval from others. If the relationship does not feel right, it probably isn’t. Trust your heart, not your followers.

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