Is He The One For You!

is he the one to marry

Everything seems nice and warm, your relationship is finally clicking and now you’re thinking whether this person is the one for you or not. In every relationship, there comes a time when you have to ponder over the thought that “where is this relationship going?”

If you’re there, have no fear we’ve got you covered.

Usually, most Americans think about their relationship after spending 6-8 intimate weeks with their partners. They wonder how things are going and where might this relationship lead them. You met him on the subway or a friend’s party and things kicked off real nice.

He came up with his charm and melted you down, the chemistry felt original and connective, you were under his spell and wanted more of this new electric feeling.

Before concluding any judgment, you need to analyze your dating period. From the first date to your last date, everything matters. In every relationship, the most important thing is whether you guys love each other or not if you guys do then read along.

Chemistry is on point!

Chemistry is one of the most important elements in a relationship, if you have chemistry you have everything, if not, then there is no point in prolonging a relationship which will only become toxic after a while.

If you guys can connect with each other, and it feels like your partner understands everything you do or say; I think you are lucky enough to have met your soulmate.

No relationship can work without chemistry, the human brain starts to comprehend and analyze your compatibility before you even realize it, you know what your partner wants to listen and your partner knows what to say.

This makes a relationship a lot easier, coping up with trust issues and the fights that come your way.

They trust you and have faith in you

Trust, yet again is a very fundamental element, no relationship can survive without trust and belief in the other person. Trust is the universal key for every relationship, not only for romantic relationships. If you trust your partner and your partner trust you, you are on the right path.

Trust creates its own ambiance; trust in nature combines with the integrity of your partner increasing their credibility in your life exponentially. The more they trust you, the less likely they are to cheat on you.

If you find your partner always supporting you in your career and other relationships like with your friends and family, you have found the right partner for you.

Faith is as important as trust itself, faith not only gives you confidence but also increases your odds to be successful in life. If your partner always has faith and is confident in you, your self-esteem will be boosted, and you’ll be drooling over him in no time.

They are comfortable with your friends and family

Now as we all know that when two people join lives by the ritual of “marriage”, two families are being confined by this sacred bond. Your partner should not be restricted to you, if your partner initiates conversations with your family and friends, and is actually nice about it, he is the one for you.

We often confuse good people with the best people for you. A good person will always be nice with everyone but the one who is interested in you will always find his ways to make good connections with your friends and family.

If your partner respects and enjoys the company of the people you like to hang out with, they are more likely to be the one for you.

They want to be a part of your life and they don’t want to risk it by staying away from the people you care about. They try hard to impress your parents and always bring gifts for them whenever they are coming over, which is actually a sweet gesture.

The romance is on point

For any relationship, at any point, the romance needs to be alive and on point. Now being romantic doesn’t mean that you’re always saying “I love you” to each other. Now imagine coming home, watching your partner had cooked your favorite meal, they actually had the courtesy to rant the movie you had been ranting about the entire week; they made you a mix-tape to dance the night off and also wrote a letter to you in the morning, asking you to come home early.

If this is something your partner does for you, you need to get them a ring and get married to this sweetheart. They always keep you confident by telling you that you are the most attractive person in the entire world, their words heal you and echo in your mind the entire day then just make them the Robin to your Barney asap!

The love is always there when you need it

Now, the care shouldn’t be annoying, it should be in a proper appropriate amount which is required and prescribed by the Gods of love. Constantly checking up on you, telling you to have a good day and keeping track of your eating routine is love.

They never ignore you, in every relationship you need to be a keen listener, listening to someone to speak about their day and telling them the better parts of their day, pointing out at the positivity is what everyone wants.

People usually don’t say the things they want from a lover out loud, they just expect them to care about all the little things, like the eggshell from the first time Bob made breakfast for Amy or the gift Amy saw on a gift shop, which was expensive but still Bob found his way to get her whatever she wanted, this is what love is.

You should never feel like you’re the only one giving them your entire bottle of love, it should be mutual, a give and take situation.

If they give you love more than you expect from them, this is the person you should spend your life with, because love doesn’t knock on your door every day, it comes to you for help rarely, it is to be treated nicely and kept safe, along all the nasty situations that life brings to you every day!

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