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Qualities of a Healthy Brain

We focus too much on being healthy physically, we fell ill, we go see a doctor to recover ourselves from misery but we don’t do the same when it happens to our brain.

Why don’t we try to keep our brain healthy and focus on activities which make our brain healthier than before? 

Today we are going to discuss the qualities of a healthy brain, or how to know that your brain is working fine and it does not need a check up anytime soon. It is not that hard, you don’t need to be a professional doctor to tell you have flu, similarly, you don’t need rocket science to tell that your brain is going through stuff. 

First, we need to understand that mental illnesses are not to be ashamed of, it doesn’t lessen your masculinity in any way or sort nor does it mean you’re just an attention seeking self deprived woman. Mental illnesses can happen to anyone because of several reasons.

Yes, smoking, alcohol consumption and other vices can do damage to your brain. That is why drinking more than usual can be very dangerous for you. If you’re not a smoker, it is best to avoid secondhand smoking as well. That is what breeds cancer.

Flexibility, Focus and Creativity

Resilience is what dominates the life of a person with a healthy brain. When the British were too busy fighting the war, they hired a Mathematician to win them the war. That mathematician, named, Alan Turing, hired people on the basis of how well their brain worked.

To check that, he would draw an easy puzzle and ask them to solve them under 5-6 minutes, knowing that no one will be able to solve it. How would he know if the person had cleared the test? He would see who made the most probable and correct approach in the least amount of time. 

Focus is important, while reading, writing, drawing or apparently doing anything requires a huge amount of concentration. The more concentrated your mind is, the better your work is.

If you’re having trouble concentrating on something you like doing, it is time you concerned a doctor about it.

Ways for Overcoming Negative Thoughts

A focused mind is flexible and creative. When you are determined to solve a problem, you will find the most efficient and creative way to do it, in the least time required. Keep your brain focused!

Being able to step forward or backward in situations

Consider solving a problem, or a puzzle, if you don’t know your way in, you should always know your way out. If you’re an adult and you have problems retrieving address or directions while coming back from a place, your brain isn’t functioning right. 

There are several problems that could be wrong with your brain but to be sure, concern a doctor about it. Not being able to solve crossword puzzles is a sign, take a hint. 

A healthy brain is able to avoid negative mood states

Negativity is all around us, you open the news channel, there it is, you read the papers, you visit your boss, you say hello to grandma, negativity on the driving lane. But usually we ignore everything, it doesn’t really matter to us what the politicians are fighting about and why your boss is always pissed at you. This quality of walking out of unwanted mood swings is a sign of healthy brain.

Getting enough sleep

(7-8 hours of sleep)

Being able to take proper 8 hour sleep is a blessing in this era. Majority of the people are deprived of proper sleep. Even if they force themselves to sleep for 8 hours, their sleep keeps breaking apart. Let’s analyse our sleep patterns and try to fix them by sleeping at night and trying to have a proper sleep.

Many people are sleep conscious and try to divide their sleep, few hours in the day and rest at night. This can work for you if you have a deep sleep routine.  

Intake of proper and good nutrition

(avoiding alcohol, drugs or smoking. Stabilizing energy level by in-taking proper diet) 

Your brain is the one who decides when to eat, what to eat and where to eat. You just take him places so he can be happy. Weird, right? So your brain is analyzing your entire body and its needs all the time, so if you’re not eating well then boy you’re in trouble. 

If you’re eating healthy, vegetables and fruits, and your eating patterns are normal like they should be. Then you have no need to worry about. But if you’re skipping meals and you feel sad and depressed, then for sure, it is not the stomach that needs a fix, it’s the brain. 

Regulation of physical activities

Physical health and mental health can directly affect each other. According to research if you feel good, your brain is working at its best, but if you’re lazy, your brain is comprehending properly!

Check out these exercises to keep your brain healthy.

The physical has a very deep relationship with the mental. If the mental is working well, you’re all good to go. Depressed people are more lazy in performing simple life tasks. They are the best of procrastinators, they don’t want to do anything, not as if they don’t like doing things. That is what depression feels like. If you have an active body, then your brain is functioning at its best. There is nothing to worry about. 

Active 5 senses

Multiple techniques and activities to keep the senses active. Having active 5 senses is a blessing. God meant to create us equal in all ways and yes if you lack one, you’re just more precious than us in every way possible.

If you have all 5 senses and they work simultaneously without you having a problem like mumbling or something like that, then your brain is working fine. 

If not, then you need to see a doctor. Your brain isn’t healthy and is not being able to comprehend all senses at once. If it has been like this from birth, I’d like to tell you that you are perfect and the best of all of us. 

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