13 Things You Don’t Know You’re Doing Because of Your Highly Sensitive Personality

Some of us have more heightened senses than others. This means they feel the environment and the people around them much better. Being a sensitive person has its ups and downs.

Here are 15 signs that characterize a sensitive person. Find out if you are one of them:

1. Your emotions are like a roller-coaster

Because of your ability to feel other people’s emotions, you are also primarily affected by them. When someone is very negative, you immediately start to feel bad even without reason. This means that your mood can change during the day quite a lot of times.

2. You get involved in other people’s problems

Sensitive people are excellent listeners, and they also know what to say at the right time. So many people might turn to you for some advice. Of course, you want to help them and get involved, in their problems. With your high problem-solving skill you can probably help quite many of them, but you take all of the issues of your own, so dealing with a lot at the same time can be stressful.

3. You feel other people’s emotions

When someone is close to you, you feel their emotions like your own. At first, it might even be hard to understand, which emotions are your own, but you will get it over time. When someone close to you is feeling down, you immediately get the uncomfortable feeling in your stomach, even if you have not spoken to that person.

4. You have great concentration

When you put your mind to something, there is nothing that is going to stop you. Your strength and willpower will help you achieve all your dreams and reach for the stars.

5. You are highly aware of your surroundings

You feel the environment and the energy it has very intensively. You prefer to spend time in nature, where it is peaceful and stress-free. You try to avoid busy streets with a lot of noise and people. You also do not feel good at hospitals, because there are a lot of sick people with broken energies that can even make you feel sick.

6. You cannot watch violent movies

Sensitive people are very compassionate, which means you cannot look at someone else being hurt. Even though you know that these are just movies and the people do not get injured in real life, it is excruciating for you to see or hear about any violence.

7. You have a hard time dealing with your mistakes

You feel responsible for the things you cannot control. You think about the past and the mistakes you have made. It is hard for you to let go and forgive yourself. You will realize over time, that you cannot change the past, so it is best to focus on the future instead.

8. You are more aware of potential danger

You have a strong intuition that you cannot ignore. This means you just know, when something is not a good idea, even if you cannot explain it logically. It is essential to listen to your heart because you are more open to different energies and you can feel bad things coming.

9. Other people’s moods affect you

You might be in the best mood, but when people around you are feeling negative emotions, it affects you as well. It is best for you to surround yourself with positive people because otherwise, it is complicated for you to be happy.

10. You are deeply moved by arts

It is no surprise that you cry at the end of a book or a movie. You can connect with different characters and situations easily, so you live through their emotions and happenings. You can also feel the pain of the artist inside a painting.

11. You can stay still for long periods of time

You practice meditation and shutting yourself off from all the surrounding things. As it is very overwhelming to deal with these different voices, smells, and sounds, it is great to find the time and just be by yourself. So sitting calmly in one pose is not an uncertain thing for you as you like to practice it quite often.

12. You prefer to work in seclusion

You need a quiet and relaxed place to concentrate. You cannot work when there are people around you chatting and distracting you. You are the most productive when you are alone in a quiet and harmonious place, so try to find this kind of situation for work. Busy co-working spaces and cafes are not for you.

13. You have a beautiful sense of detail

You pay close attention to different circumstances. For example, you understand if someone is not honest with you because you look at their body language, their tone of voice and their overall energy. This applies to environments, conversation, and all your experiences. You analyze every little thing and sometimes that makes you overthink certain situations.

Being a sensitive person is not the most straightforward task to take on, but as you got no choice, learn to love it. It brings a lot of positivity, and you start to understand other people and yourself better. Appreciate every aspect of a painful life.

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