How a Mentally Abused Person usually Behaves

This article doesn’t support hate of any sort, we have chosen such a topic to let people know the traits of a mentally abused person so that we as good people help them out. Helping others is how we realize how human we are.

What good would it bring to us if we try to run from someone who is already isolated? 

Many times, people use their abusive personality to let their anger out, to let their rage against the world out. Most of the time, such kind of behavior is not abuse, but an indication to help them out.

Consider someone being mean to you as a cry for help, if someone misbehaves with you even if you’re wrong, learn to let it go and to give them a nice warm hug. 

Mentally Abused people are big criticizers

Such people can be really mean and they just pop out of nowhere. Now it depends on you, how you take their criticism. If a person like me is criticized of something, I don’t take it personally, rather I try to make myself better in some sort. Some people have this believe in their mind that they will do whatever they want and no one else shouldn’t matter to them. 

This is good, it shows how confident about yourself, however, if some act conducted by us turns out to be poisonous for someone else. We should try to avoid it. For example, sweepers usually get mad when you walk on a wet floor they were trying to clean. 

Now, let’s think from their perspective, wouldn’t we be irritated if we were doing something and someone interrupted it and we had to do it all over again? Learn to cut people some slack. 

If your coworker doesn’t like the color of your nails and she has no apparent reason to claim her notion, let her be. Tell her that you like this color and she should try it, it would suit them too. This would crush her ego and her mean face. She might never insult you again, she might start to change. Anything is possible!

They may also appear controlling

This can be the most irritating trait of a mentally abusive person. This trait can’t be tolerated but it is hard to be nice when someone is being really mean and controlling. This usually happens in a relationship where people try to control their partners and end up losing one and another rather than changing themselves. 

If your boyfriend doesn’t like you to spend time with your girls, he needs to change this habit. It is understandable if you are not giving him proper time and are always consumed by your friends or work, but if that’s not the case, he should learn to take a chill pill.

According to my analysis, men aren’t the only controlling ones in a relationship.

Women can be very controlling as well, and they might be very successful in controlling their partners because duh! 

I remember my wife sleeping all the time when our baby used to cry but she knows how to get her way.

Many women don’t appreciate their partners taste in fashion or socializing so they either try to hide them or try to change them. This trait can be very toxic since we should love people for who they are, not what we want them to be. If your partner is toxic and controlling, it is time you made a considerate choice for yourself and moved on with life. 

They often blame and abuse

Blame game can turn to be very disgusting when it is coming from someone you don’t want it from. People can be very toxic and you should always help them out, but in this case, you should actually let them consult a doctor for their behavior. Blaming people for something that they haven’t done is something very intolerant. This happens when you don’t have a healthy trusting relationship, you start to doubt your partner or your partner starts to doubt you.

If they don’t trust you, the relationship has become toxic for you. Trust is very important, if a person is being abusive towards you, it is time to pack your bags and leave. 

Mental health is now being acknowledged throughout the world and their are many psychologist which can help such people out. Abusive people can be a bad influence to the society we live in, not just for us, for our kids and generations to come.

If a person constantly uses bad words and curses, you should try to walk away from them. Many old people, who are beyond help and have lost all faith in life turn out to be quite abusive. You can not do much about them however you can always be kind to them.

Be patient and persistent, only that can change a person’s heart. 

They may deny their bitter truths

Arrogance is a disease and arrogant people can be the worst. Narcissist can be ignorant to truth even if you flood them by facts and figures. They tend to be quite firm on their beliefs, even if they know that deep down they are wrong.

Such people are liars and ignorant. People tend to stay away from such people and not make friends with such people. This is something we need to change, if we ourselves are not kind towards them, they will keep thinking that they are right in their own self righteous way.

They aren’t Batman and neither are we their butler.  

They might appear isolated

A mentally disturbed person would rather be isolated from or by the society. No one likes to hang out with creepy arrogant people who are abusive. This behavior of us, as a society can be wrong. We should introduce them to the nice world we live in. Remember that love can always cure mental health problems.

Love is strong, we should help people out rather than isolating them. We all have been isolated once or twice in life and we all know how much worse that feeling is, so try to look out for people and make our society a better place to live! 

Daniel Parker

Daniel Parker is a writer, entrepreneur and a father. Daniel takes on digital platforms to write about his feelings and thoughts towards everything he loves. Daniel, currently living in Dallas, Texas and loves outdoor activities with his family.

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