How Each Zodiac Sign Is Most Likely to Cheat In A Relationship?

There are a lot of people who are trying their best to keep a monogamous relationship but there are some studies that show that this may not be true. There are differences with how each Zodiac sign cheats so it is important that you take note of these things.

One thing to remember: not everyone cheats.


For the typical Capricorn, cheating may be done on a normal basis. If they do not care about the person, they do not care about how the person will get affected by it all. They normally anticipate what the next moves are going to be so that they will not get caught. If they get caught, they will try to justify what they have done and put the blame on the other person. They may also pretend to be apologetic but deep inside, they are not.

The Capricorn usually cheats physically. Emotionally, he may be tied up to just one person but he cannot help cheating physically. They sometimes feel like taking a break without losing you in the process.


If the Aquarius is going to cheat, expect that a lot of his emotions will be placed on the new relationship. He cheats because he does not feel emotionally fulfilled. They get attached too soon. They fall in love too early. He is usually the type of person who feels like he would like to touch everybody, so he ends up hurting a lot of individuals in the process.

Whenever an Aquarius is cheating, he wants to get caught because he does not want to deal with the stress anymore. It will be hard for the Aquarius to understand what his next actions are going to be.


The Pisces is very clever. He is a schemer and he can think about what his next actions are going to be so that he will not get caught for as long as he can. Of course, no schemed plan is fool-proof. There is always a possibility that they will get caught.

The victim of the Pisces may not realize the cheating unless it is already too late. The Pisces will appear loving that the person will not think that he is capable of cheating even though he is. He may tell his partner that he is in love but the next day, he will be out on a date with the “other party.”


If there is one thing that can be said about the Aries, it is that he is very adventurous. He tries his best to stay monogamous, but his sense of adventure clings on, so he cheats. The Aries would like to move around from one person to another. There are times when he will not even deny that he is cheating. He would rather blame his partner.

The Aries is typically active in defending his reasons for cheating. If he believes that he had a good reason for it, he will not think that he did something wrong. He feels that cheating is just a part of exploring life.


If there is one thing that you have to say about the Taurus, he is very loyal. If he finally cheats on you, this means that he has fallen in love with someone else probably because of something else that you did. The moment that the Taurus has cheated on you, this means that there is no hope for reconciliation anymore.

Being cheated on by a Taurus is going to be hard because you know that he has done his best to love you. If he has fallen out of love, you are going to lose a large part of yourself too. You cannot help but think that it is your fault. Taurus cheaters may feel regret when they cheat too.


A Gemini is going to cheat on their partners with someone who is near them. They cannot resist the fact that there is someone else who is willing to give the attention that they need within short distance. This means that there is always a possibility that you will be cheated on with a friend of yours or the Gemini’s officemate.

A possible way that you are going to catch a Gemini is if you catch him in the act. There is a significant possibility that you will get embarrassed even when you are with your family members and friends. He will probably regret what he has done, but it is probably at the moment that you caught him with another person.


If there is one thing that the Cancer is known for, it is bad with cheating. He is not a natural cheater, and there is huge possibility that he will immediately get caught. He is sensitive, and he is loving, but he feels that he may not have found the right person yet. He may be afraid of breaking your heart that he cannot help himself.

The Cancer may try to tell you in his own way that he has cheated or is currently cheating on you but through his subtle way, you will already know the truth. Remember that the Cancer is always on the lookout for someone who would complete him. If it is not you, he may cheat on you.


The Leo may not cheat because he dislikes the drama that comes with cheating. He knows that it will make the both of you undergo a lot of stress and this is isn’t something that he wants. He would like sleeping with one person forever provided that there will be no drama involved.

He knows that cheating does not make a lot of sense. He has chosen someone that he can love and cherish for the rest of his life. Why does he have to complicate things when it does not have to be complicated anyway?


If there is one astrological sign that is a master at cheating, it is the Virgo. They can keep on cheating for as long as they can. They would try their best to do things without you finding out that he is already cheating on you. Remember that the Virgo is a very accomplished liar. If you want to know if the Virgo is cheating on you, you will only find out if he tells you about it.

Remember that the Virgo will make sure that he is emotionally attached to at least two people. Bear in mind that even if they are already connected to someone else, you will now know about it because they are excellent liars. Make sure that you keep an open mind and allow yourself to trust. Not all Virgos are the same anyway.


If there is one thing that the Libra can do, it is to deceive you. He may tell you that he loves only you but he can spend time with other people too. He may have multiple backups, and this is not surprising because he is usually the life of the party wherever he goes.

You know that the Libra is a dangerous cheater. He will make sure that he is convincing enough to make people believe in him even when he is wrong. If he is caught, he will not take any responsibility for the actions that he has done.


One thing that you need to remember about the Scorpio, he takes relationships seriously. As much as possible he does not want to cheat. He does fall in love with other people easily though and he is sometimes blinded by their love. He is the one who may be cheated on.

The moment that they do cheat, they are in it for a long time. He may become guilty about the actions that he makes but he knows that he cannot do anything about it anymore. He will understand that loving someone may be as easy as losing someone.


If there is one thing that can be said about the Sagittarius is that he loves to play the game. He is a born cheater and he would jump from one opportunity to another. It is possible that while dating you, he is trying to date someone else. Since the Sagittarius person is normally very hardworking, he uses cheating in order to get rid of his feelings of stress.

They are typically stressed out because of the various things that they do. They have limitless energies to cheat on their partners and if that partner is you, you have to guard your feelings well or you might get burned.

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