How I Stopped Being An Introvert and Transformed Into a Social Butterfly

Angela Wheat

Being haunted by the fact that you are an introvert can kill your self-esteem and damage your social status.

However, if you want to transform yourself into an outgoing person who is likable and easily interacts with all types of personalities, keep reading. Studies show that people who are not introverts usually live longer and are happier. The probability of an introvert becoming successful in life is lower than that of an extrovert. Extroverts are people who always go for it without shying off no matter the situation.

These are some of the facts that led me to the process of converting myself to an extrovert and start enjoying life like the rest of my friends. I had to make this huge decision, so I could start transforming my life to the next level. So you want to know how you can stop being an introvert and start enjoying life like other people? Well, the following are a few tips you can start off with.

1. You need to know that the only person who can stop you from becoming happy is yourself

The only person who makes you develop the fear and shyness when it comes to socializing is yourself. You need to get up and try your best and have a mission of being the person you want to be. You can start off by conditioning yourself on how you will address the people you are about to meet and promise that you will not let yourself down. Break your record and become more confident in what you are capable of doing. If your friends can do it, then you can as well do it even better. Go there and do it like there is no tomorrow!

It’s at this stage that you need to drop the negative mentality and replace it with a positive way of thinking and believing.

2. Involve yourself more

If people think that you have a problem talking in public, don’t give in to what they want you to be. You own your destiny. Let them talk about your confidence but don’t allow them to influence you into becoming what they want you to be. You need to understand that you are the one to determine whether you need to change or not.

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Go to some private place and ask yourself why you don’t have that confidence. Why are you ever shy yet you can be a more confident person? Ask yourself why you don’t believe in what you can do. Come out of that private room and drive yourself into speaking confidently every day with as many people as possible and believe me, you will become even better than the guys who used to criticize your confidence.

Start a conversation with the people around you and make sure you put more and more effort to speak in every session.

3. Never consider what people say about your lack of confidence

For you to develop socially, you need to stop thinking about what people say about you. Even if they criticize you day in day out never change. You are the captain of your ship, and no one should force you to become a different person. Becoming a more confident person only requires you to make a decision that will define your future. This decision should enable you to push harder and become an outgoing person. This is one sure way of getting rid of shyness and enjoying life by socializing with more and more people who interact with you daily.

4. Practice social skills that will help you become more outgoing

Start practicing the things you usually never say when you are with your friends. Look for a job which requires you to interact with as many people as possible so you can start building your confidence from there. If you don’t take this step as an individual, then no one will do it for you. Make people see and hear what you are saying. Put more effort than ever before and ensure that people get what you are saying. You can even go ahead and take the leading role in your group.

The more people recognize your work, the more you become happy. You become less shy and more confident no matter what.

5. Always believe that you can give more in a relationship than what you get from it

This helps to grow your confidence gradually, and with time you find yourself being able to face many people. When you’re with your friends make sure that you contribute positivity more. Make them recognize your presence by being the controller of the whole conversation. Always endeavor to become a happy person daily. No one enjoys being criticized on a daily basis. You must never entertain being criticized daily.

In a nutshell, the two most important things that can help any person to become more of an extrovert are believing in yourself and becoming more and more confident.

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