How Parenting has Majorly Evolved

how parenting has evolved

As science drove to its way to excellence, men stepped on the moon and back, men understood the disadvantages of war, we grew extensively. Humans learned their lessons and passed on to their heritage. Similarly, parenting has evolved as well, people don’t marry their children to their cousins. Children are given freedom of choice. A lot has changed and the primitive upbringing strategies have gone to dust. 

One thing that has majorly evolved in the urban areas is the birth of a daughter not being a disgrace. Thankfully, such customs have been driven to justice, yet in some underdeveloped areas, such problems still exist. Hopefully, in a few years we will overcome this dreadful act of masculinity and make earth a better place to live for all of us.

Anyways, parenting has changed a lot since we all learn from our parents mistakes. We, being in the moment of a terrible beating, had already decided never to lay our hands on our kids. Similarly, there are several decisions we took to make things better for our upcoming generations. Education has played an important role in shaping the way people think, which has led to less violence and more words. 

Modern parents might have more time to offer to their children

Back then, there didn’t use to be technological advances like washing machines, microwaves, basically all the things that are saving our time in the present day. Parents can save time through these appliances and spend give extra attention to their children instead. Every relationship, no matter the stature, requires attention and time. The more time you give to them, the more they drive towards you. 

This has a very simple explanation, according to psychology, when you spend time with someone, quality time with someone, you make potential memories. These memories are strong and tend to make sure the person has more of them. Similarly, with children, the more time you spend with them, the more things you talk about, the more close you tend to be. People save a lot of time lately, news bulletins have become notifications for apps, all you want to read is at your disposal. Hence, you save a lot of time and tend to spend more time with your family. 

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In the present day, there’s more emphasis on kids’ emotional requirements

Nowadays there is more emphasis on mental support and emotional health. People now are considerate and worry about how others might feel because of their actions. So, people control their behavior and are more careful towards their children. We also have several books at our disposal which teach us how to take care of our kids and their needs. These books emphasize on cognitive development of our children and how toddlers cope up with their growth. 

According to research, kids who had authoritative parents and were not present for their kids emotionally, tend to have a lower IQ level along with mental illnesses. Many of the patients reporting to have depression and anxiety were not emotionally connected or consumed by their parents in their earlier age. Depression can happen to anyone of any age, however, psychologist dug deep into the cause of depression and the correlation of depression and authoritarian parenting. Let’s just say, the results were mind boggling, being emotionally present for your child is very important, express your love to your child and open up to them about the problems you had when you were young. 

The healthcare advancement

Vaccines and treatment for kids in the present day have made health issues decrease to a drastic measure of 89%. According to research conducted by Preston University, children who are vaccinated and have completed the course, tend to live a longer and happier life than others. Treatment has made life easier for parents, as we have seen in the past, parents losing their children over a mere fever. As science progressively matures, treatment matures as well. We can now see that many of the diseases have cure and a proper doctor can consult the couple for as long as they want. 

However, there are still many places where people need to be educated about parenting and proper healthcare of their children. Poor countries like India and the countries which reside in its neighborhood need better vaccination centers and knowledge about healthcare. Such countries only get vaccinations for Polio and other vaccination shots are still too ahead in time for them. Measure should be taken for healthcare in countries like Africa, India, Nepal, Pakistan and etc. 

Parents should take proper concern of their child’s well-being and sign up for routine checkups. Many diseases don’t show prominent symptoms before they attack the human body. It is essential to keep a track of your body before the tsunami hits you. 

However, there’s also a decline in cultural values

As the human race matures and declines false believes, there has been a subtle decline in cultural values such as burying of daughters, cupping the head of males and etc. Such vices have been drawn out since education and few religions have been quite overwhelmingly discouraging about it. Countries like America or the European Union are free of such vices however, such vices are still present in many rural areas of Central Asia and Africa. 

Evidently, people of these countries are educating themselves and will be free of such vices in 50-100 years. Which is sad, but the haunting truth. 

Over-protection and less focus on developing resilience in children

Understanding of your child’s needs and feelings is very important for a parent. Overprotective parenting can be hazardous as well, you need to keep a balance between the both. Being attached and being annoying, both the things have a pretty fine line which can either get you on the bad side of the child or the good. Sometimes letting your child do what he/she wants to do is the best option. 

Experiences learned on your own have a vibrant and permanent effect on people. Yes you can hear many stories of how a successful person made it through but you won’t know the struggle unless you go through it yourself. Learn, love and let people grow for the better. 

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