How To be a Better Person to Others and Yourself

When it comes to self-improvement it is normal to feel like you can do more, but being overly hard on yourself does not involve being a better person. You will be more equipped to treat those around you if you can foster more self-kindness and self-compassion. Furthermore, your life could get a deeper meaning by doing good for others. Plus, it may even help you to improve your mental health as well as physical health.

Everyone wants to be at their best, hence many of you might wonder if it is possible to become a better person after a certain age. The answer to this question is yes. There are always certain ways to improve yourself. Here are some ways to create self-improvement into your routine.

How To Be a Better Person to Others

Pursue Gratitude

Keeping a journal of gratitude for what you are thankful for affects a person’s mindset positively. To ward off stress, improve sleep, and positive social relationships incorporating gratitude in your daily life can be very helpful.

Relinquish Anger

Everyone experiences anger in their lives, however uncontrolled anger can create problems in relationships and mental health. Moreover, it can lead to more stress and problems, keeping people from being their best selves and complicating life. Hence, to become a better person it is important to learn how to manage and let go of anger.

Support Others

To become a better person, helping others is an obvious route. So, when you do some good deeds it can make you a better person. Not just those who are willing to sacrifice for others but just a gesture of goodwill can make us a better person due to emotional well-being. Moreover, there is a great saying that it is better to give than receive from others.

Learn To Be Friendly

Our friendly gestures and relationships can create a haven from stress, and help us to be better people. If there is a conflict that is not resolved in relationships then it can be a significant source of stress. Being user-friendly leads you to be a better friend, family member, and partner.

However, you must learn conflict resolution strategies to improve yourself and your relations. These include being a good listener, anger management techniques, and understanding another side of the story.

Learn To Forgive

You must learn to forgive and let go of resentment. Forgiving your loved ones from the negative experience of your past will free you from stress and help you be a better person. Thus, practice forgiving and feel the positiveness in your life.


We must practice the above-mentioned points to be better versions of ourselves. These techniques can also minimize the stress a person experiences in relationships. This way you can be stronger and might feel less upset than usual.

Furthermore, being kind to others will help you to get a sense of purpose and you will feel less isolated. Thus, practicing random acts of kindness can lift your mood and boost up happiness and gratitude.

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Samantha Kindler is a world traveler, with four continents conquered and three remaining. She lives in Hawaii, where she enjoys hiking and has the beach available to her throughout the year. She recently got the opportunity to spend over ten months in Korea and fell in love with their minimalist way of life. She has driven to 49 states with her father, but upon visiting Hawaii, she just wanted to stay.

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