How to Build Your Own 30 Days Personal Fitness Challenge

How to build your 30 days fitness challenge

30 days? They might not be enough to reach your fitness challenge but they will surely give your body a boost and a desire to go on with your fitness challenge for much longer time. So, my question is what it actually takes to become a fit and healthy person?

The answer is your own free will and your desire for a healthy and smart body. You might have already marked your calendar for your 30 day fitness challenge, despite its famous too because everybody wants to be fit.

So, it has become a kind of trend to challenge yourself for 30-days and after 30 days see what you have got so far and what goals you have reached.

Sticking up to your challenge would be tempting and you will have thoughts like “Ahhhh leave it I can’t do it anymore! It’s been days…why am I not getting fit and losing weight? Will it work?”  these but don’t worry!

You just need a motivation to get along to complete your fitness goals. Your brain might be popping up with things like how 30 days challenge works and will you see any noticeable changes in your body after sticking up to your diet and workouts for weeks.

So 30 days honestly is enough time to notice any change and lose weight initially and moreover it is enough time to feel blooming and have positive effects on your health as well as your body.

Even jogging for at least 15 minutes daily can reduce the risk of heart diseases. Will also help you to control your sugar levels, increases cardiovascular health, increases muscle weight with strong bones and boosts your metabolism.

You will be able to notice all of them after 30 days even if it is a small difference in your overall body but you will surely feel it.

Moreover you will also feel energetic within a month. This is only possible when you will stick to your 30 day challenge with consistent healthy diet and exercises.

But don’t overwhelm your expectations if it is taking more than 3-4 weeks to lose weight or if you have lost a pound or two after more than two weeks than you should appreciate the effort you put even if it is not as big as you thought.

But still your body has achieved something and sooner or later you will see changes in your physique.

The thing is that you can’t expect miracles in 30 days but you can surely achieve promising steps towards improving your mental health, motivating yourself more for weight loss and sticking up to your exercise routine.

But the most important part is to convincing yourself for doing it. There has to be something that may motivate you like some pair of jeans that are too tight to fit in but once they were not…that is pretty motivating!

Or their might be an event, get-together with old buddy’s, party, or a wedding where you will meet people you have met long time ago which is enough to motivate you for losing your weight and have a perfect healthy physique.

Whatever your inspiration is but this will make you fantasize the slimmer you, will boost your confidence that… you can do it!

So here are some of the things that you can do to complete your 30 day fitness challenge and how to get start with it to change your fitness goals into a reality.


Main purpose of exercise is to make your muscle work and lead your body to burn calories. There can be many exercises some of which are a part of your daily routine like swimming, jogging, dancing, running and walking and much more.

Doing exercise can affect your health in a good way, both mentally and physically. Regular exercises can benefit your brain and body which can lead you to have a longer healthy life.

Here is what you can do as exercises for completing your 30 day challenge.

1. Workouts in Morning

This is one of the most effective tips for the people who are struggling to lose their weight and trying to reach their fitness goals.

At least 20-minutes of exercises are essential with some warp up too. If you will follow this routine on daily basis in the morning you will surely get some positive result in return.

2. Pick Right Exercises

Watch videos to start up your daily routine exercises and pick some of them and come up with them as a part of your daily routine.

For example, you can start with weights, initially as a beginner you can use lighter weights up to 6 pound weights and then jump up to 10-pounds. But make sure that you are doing the right exercises or moves before increasing your weights.

Your exercises should also include cardio focused workouts as well as strength focused workouts. You can also go for reps like once in a week and then you can increase the number of reps as per your ease and strength because as a beginner it might be tough for you.

Another exercise that you can do is Yoga which is really effective as well as beneficial. Therefore by doing these exercises you can reach your 30 days fitness challenge.

3. Healthy Diet

30 days fitness challenge for beginners and their diet should be balanced like a right amount of protein, healthy fat, carbohydrates, micronutrients, vegetables and fibers without using unhealthy and unsustainable food as well as.

There should be no artificial sugar, preservatives, sweeteners and processed food. This will surely help you to sustain a healthy diet.

Wrapping Up

Given tips will give beginners some promising results in 30 days, but in order to reach your fitness fantasy you should expand your challenge and change your ways in future, you can modify duration of your workouts, intensity, weights, speed and many more.

But keep in mind that you should be changing one thing at a time for reaching your perfect fitness goal.

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