3 Things You Are Not Doing to Build A Healthy Relationship with Your Partner

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The foundation of every relationship is your relationship with yourself? If you want this world a better place, you have to start from yourself. If you want discipline in a house, you start from yourself. If you want your family to eat healthily, you are the first one to start. Then the same principle says, if you want your relationships with others to grow and become strong, you have to make your bond with yourself strong for how to build a healthy relationship with your partner.

Your relationships are a combination of three entities. You, your partner and your relationship. Concentrating only on your partner is going to make you and your relationship suffer. Love yourself, your partner and cherish your relationship as well. Most the times we nurture the needs of our partner but do not pay attention to the relationship, itself. You may shower your partner with gifts, but if you do not invest in your relationship with kindness, togetherness, touch, and sharing, your relationship won’t get the fuel required.

Investing in relationships is like investing in banks. You are paid more than you spend and get the bonuses as well in the form of contentment, joy, excitement, and desire.

Here are some tips on how to build a healthy relationship with your partner:

Identify How Your Relationship Adds To Your Self-esteem

Relationships should satisfy your innate needs for companionship and communication. When these basic needs are met, your self-esteem benefits from this relationship and you feel better about yourself and the world in general.

Deepen Your Connection And Communication

Your relationship should stimulate honest and open communication with your partner thus making your connection stronger. When you do not have to camouflage things and do not have to hide stuff, you are more inclined to share more and communicate more, and hence both soulmates are more satisfied with the relationship.

Add Some Fun To Your Relationship

Use a sense of humor, do silly things with each other, laugh and try new things together. When the seriousness and formalities are not on the scene, the true self is revealed and the intrinsic nature of humans to be themselves is satisfied.

Your relationships are meant to soothe you, calm you and take pressure off you. It has to provide the fulfillment, satisfaction, and association to make the quality of your life better. Work on your relations, spend time, put in some effort to make it valuable for you.

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