How to Date During Coronavirus?

How to date during coronavirus?

Words which have struck fear in our hearts amidst other problems. Nobody imagined a small virus could halt the world or our life in this way, leaving a trail of regrets and unwanted goodbyes.

With so much pessimism during these times, it’s no wonder our dating lives have taken a hit too. Somehow the thought that people might lose hope in love or the opportunity to love is frightening.


We can’t get our old lifestyle back or go back to the way things were, but we can adjust. Adjust to this ever-changing chaotic world and still be optimistic enough to date. But, to adjust we need to first understand love, the situation, and the creativity we need.

What is love?

Is it the physical attraction you feel towards someone? Is it the deep connection you have with someone as if you can tell them everything? Or is it a commitment to someone? Love is all three.

It is this complex, yet a powerfully deep emotion, which can be better felt than described. This is often why confessions are so awkward and you keep on rambling, your bare vulnerable feelings are hard to describe.

More importantly, the intimacy you feel in your actions of understanding or expressing yourself, feeling understood and loved around a lover is almost spiritual.

The situation at hand

Dating consists of both the mental and physical aspects. Quarantine is only restricting us with the physical one. But somehow we are afraid.

Perhaps because relationships have either become a way to show off, fit into the ideals of dating culture or just for sex and now we can’t do that. Or perhaps the deeper connection we crave for with someone comes at a cost of making ourselves vulnerable or putting enough innovative efforts to show we care. Which can’t afford in the pursuit of being practical or following our busy routine.

Maybe we even forgot what we wanted. Did we want to star gaze with our partner? Did we want to travel with them or were the sweet cozy sofa conversations enough to feel connected? In the end, we either got complacent with our half-hearted love stories or dwelled in regret.

Maybe this is why the question of how to date during lockdown seems troubling.

Clearing our heads!

Despite all the negative consequences, this lockdown has brought us time. Time to really take a break and start thinking. You don’t need to rush anymore or think about fitting in the fast pace life plan that you subconsciously laid out for yourself.

Time to understand yourself and nurture your mind. Wakeup, exercise, do something you really like. Don’t just jump into a relationship to feel happy because you have other problems. It feels very easy at times to talk to a stranger about love when you had this huge fight with your best friend. Yet, starting relationships without a clear head might lead to problems later.


Now, the question is how to make your existing relationship better or start a new one? Rekindling the fire of an existing relationship or giving it a second chance is hard, but it is possible! Purely sex-based relationships in this time won’t last unless you live with each other.

But, if either you are looking for non-physical ways to make your existing relationship work or start a new one, then keep reading on to understand how!

Creativity is romance

Think of dating during quarantine like having a long-distance relationship, where only your hearts are connected. Thank god we live in this age of the internet as compared to the previous eras. No waiting for 3-4 days to send a love letter, rather we can stay connected 24/7.

Just like long-distance relationships have problems, there are solutions. And when it comes to creativity and the time we got on our hands right now, the sky is the limit. Literally. But first, see an actual example of dating during quarantine to get your heart rate pumped up!

“Jeremy and Tori: Love story in Quarantine”

A Newyork photographer, Jeremy Cohen, has won hearts by sharing his quarantine love story. It started when Jeremy saw a girl (Tori) dancing on the rooftop and he sent her his number using a drone.

They started talking and then had a virtual date, both sitting in different buildings yet connected through facetime. He even met Tori in a plastic bubble and both of them are in love!!

You can view their story at

Feeling excited now? Well keep on reading for some creative tips I have gathered for you all:

  1. Facetime: You still can spend some quality romantic time together in a nice atmosphere looking into each other’s eyes using facetime! Set up a romantic setup on your roof or balcony or inside your room even, dress up for the date and start facetiming. Stargazing, sunsets, movie night or a cozy sofa date. You still can get those giddy romantic feels without physical intimacy plus few side benefits like no shaving, face timing in a suit while wearing undies!!!
  2. Doing an activity together: Start a book, fitness regime, cooking or something together. These activities are obviously beneficial in general but doing it with a partner is very motivating!
  3. Expression of love: Be open and raw about your feelings, even if you are complaining about their problem. Moreover, write love letters, send gifts through a sanitized drone or ask a local gift shop near their house to deliver a gift. “You have bewitched me body and soul and I love, love, love you” and the actions of Darcy, aren’t just supposed to preserved in books.

Dear reader- Don’t be afraid

So, don’t be afraid. The situation is hard, yet you can still work things out. Give your best, and I mean creative best, and be expressive. Sometimes we find our true soulmates and sometimes we don’t.

“Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”
— Alfred Lord Tennyson

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